Heartlands (Kate Rusby album)

Heartlands (Kate Rusby album)

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Name = Heartlands
Type = Soundtrack
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Artist = Kate Rusby

Released = 2003
Recorded =
Genre = British folk
Length = mm:ss
Label = Pure Records
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Last album = "10"
This album = "Heartlands"
Next album = "Underneath the stars"

"Heartlands" is an album by British folk musicians Kate Rusby and John McCusker, released in 2003. It was the soundtrack to the film Heartlands.

Track listing

#Colin's Farewell (John McCusker)
#Sweet Bride (Kate Rusby)
#Weeping Crisps (John McCusker)
#The Fairest Of all Yarrow (Kate Rusby)
#Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love (Trad. Arr. Kate Rusby/John McCusker)
#Leafy Moped (John McCusker)
#William and Davy Instrumental(Kate Rusby)
#Drowned Lovers (Trad. Arr. Kate Rusby/John McCusker)
#The Wild Goose (Trad Arr . Kate Rusby)
#The Beer Garden (John McCusker)
#I Saw That Sandra (John McCusker)
#Let The Cold Wind Blow (Kate Rusby)
#Yodelling Song (Tim O'Brien)
#The Brownies (John McCusker)
#Over You Now (Kate Rusby)
#Round The Next Corner (John McCusker/Tim O'Brien)
#The Sleepless Sailor (Kate Rusby)

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