MediaCorp Pte Ltd
Type Private Limited
Industry Television, Online Broadcasting, Publishing, Moviemaking, Interactive Media, Media Consultancy
Founded 15 February 1963 as Television Singapura
28 December 1963 as Television Malaysia (Singapura)
9 August 1965 as Radio and Television of Singapore
1 February 1980 as Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
1 October 1994 as Television Corporation of Singapore
12 February 2001 as MediaCorp TV
Headquarters Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Caldecott Hill
Key people Teo Ming Kian (Chairman)
Shaun Seow (CEO)[1]
Services Television Broadcasting and Production, Publication
Owner(s) Temasek Holdings
Parent Temasek Holdings
Subsidiaries MediaCorp Studios Pte Ltd
MediaCorp EagleVision Pte Ltd
MediaCorp NewsHub Pte Ltd
MediaCorp Technologies Pte Ltd
MediaCorp VizPro International Pte Ltd
MediaCorp Raintree Pictures
Caldecott Productions International
Singapore Media Academy
Media Research Consultants
OOH Media
1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd

Media Corporation of Singapore, better known as MediaCorp, is a group of commercial media companies in Singapore, with business interests in television and radio broadcasting, interactive media, and, to a lesser extent, print publishing and film-making.

Currently, MediaCorp runs 7 television channels and 14 radio channels, making it the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore, and the only terrestrial TV broadcaster in that city-state. It is wholly owned by Temasek Holdings, a government-owned investment arm.[2]



Before 12 February 2001, MediaCorp was formerly known as:

Important events

Year Date Event
1961 1 January Television Singapura started planned obtaining transmission for television.
1963 21 January Television Singapura started test of transmission for television.
1963 15 February Television Singapura was launched as Singapore's first television station.
1963 2 April Television Singapura officially began broadcasting.
1963 2 April Regular broadcast on first television channel names Channel 5 was launched for mainly Singapore English.
1963 23 November Regular broadcast on second television channel Channel 8 was launched for mainly Singapore Mandarin.
1963 28 December Television Singapura renamed as Television Malaysia (Singapura) when Singapore became part of Malaysia on 16 September 1963.
1964 1 January First advertisement was aired to reduce the station's reliance on subsidies.
1965 9 August Radio and Television operations were joined together as Radio and Television of Singapore (RTS).
1966 26 August Radio and Television Broadcasting operations were moved from the Old Broadcast House to its current location at Caldecott Hill. The Old broadcast house was redeveloped and used as street scenes in drama series.
1974 7 July Colour television service began with the 1974 FIFA World Cup Final broadcast.
1977 1 November All programmes are now broadcast in Colour television.
1980 1 February RTS becomes Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) statutory board.
1984 31 January Channel 12 later MediaCorp TV12 was launched.
1990 1 August SBC began Stereo audio broadcasts on all television channels.
1994 1 October SBC becomes Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS).
1995 1 August Channel 12 is revamped and Prime 12 and Premiere 12 are launched.
1995 27 September Channel 5 and Channel 8 started 24-hour broadcasts.
1997 Programmes produced by Channel 8 were broadcast in Republic of China (Taiwan), via the newly-established TCS International cable channel.
1998 1 August Raintree Pictures was launched.
1999 1 March Channel NewsAsia (CNA) was formed.
2000 31 January Prime 12 and Premiere 12 were renamed Suria and Central. which international sport channel names SportCity was launched.
2001 12 February TCS becomes MediaCorp TV, MediaCorp TV12 and MediaCorp News.
2001 14 February TVMobile began broadcasting programmes on SBS Transit buses.
2001 6 May Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) was given a television broadcasting licence, and SPH MediaWorks was established. MediaWorks offered two channels Channel U and TV Works (later renamed to Channel i. At the same time, MediaCorp was given the license to print, write and distribute the free daily tabloid Today.
2004 17 September To stop further economic losses, MediaCorp and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) agreed to merge their free-to-air television and free newspaper operations.
2004 31 December MediaCorp and SPH announced that the merger is legally completed, thereby creating the new holding company MediaCorp Television Broadcasting Arm, which will manages and operates Channel 5, Channel 8, TVMobile, Channel NewsAsia, Suria, Central, Teletext, and Channel U, formerly of SPH MediaWorks.
2005 1 January Channel U joined MediaCorp, and relaunched as MediaCorp TV Channel U. Its sister channel, Channel i, ceased broadcasting on this day, due to the limited English TV market in Singapore and 3 years later, it was also relaunched as MediaCorp TV12 okto.
2007 HD5 was launched, becoming the first free-to-air HDTV channel in Singapore. Channel 8 celebrated 25 years of Mandarin dramas with an award ceremony, and by producing The Golden Path, billed as the 25 year anniversary drama series. MediaCorp also launched MOBTV, an online television service. Radio division was forced to lock listeners from the United States out of its webcasts, due to royalty rates imposed by the US Copyright Royalty Board.
2008 MediaCorp TV came out with a new look and a new forum for Channel 5, Channel 8, and Channel U websites.
2008 20 October Okto was launched, replacing Kids Central, SPH MediaWorks Channel i, and Arts Central. Vasantham was also launched, replacing MediaCorp TV12 Central, and Vasantham Central.
2009 1 March Channel NewsAsia celebrated its tenth anniversary.
2010 1 January TVMobile is discontinued.
2010 March xinmsn, a joint venture between and MediaCorp and Microsoft, was launched.
2011 (Month Unknown) It launched a-ok (arts on okto) / ArtBites and telecast on Mediacorp okto now.
2012 January A New show called MatYoYo in 4 channel : okto, Suria, Vasantham and Channel 8.
2015 MediaCorp will be moving out of its premises at Caldecott Hill to Mediapolis@one-north Buona Vista by 2015.[3]


MediaCorp offers seven free-to-air terrestrial television channels, and one high-definition channel. As a result of the MediaCorp-MediaWorks merger in late 2004, Singapore Press Holdings currently holds a 20% interest in MediaCorp's TV operations.[4]

Name of Channel Description
Channel 5 (HD5) A 24-hour news and general entertainment channel broadcasting in English.
Channel 8 A 24-hour news and general entertainment channel broadcasting in Mandarin Chinese.
Channel U Inherited from SPH MediaWorks in 2005, this is MediaCorp's 2nd Mandarin Chinese channel, and its programming is catered to the youth,
Suria A Malay entertainment channel.
Okto An English channel with children, lifestyle, and art programming.
Vasantham A news and general entertainment channel that caters to the Indian community in Singapore.
Channel NewsAsia A 24-hour international English news channel that broadcasts to 10 Asian countries and territories

Notable TV Shows from MediaCorp

TV drama and sitcom series

MediaCorp celebrated 25 years of local Chinese dramas in 2007.

Chinese language

Year Name of Drama Description
1982 Seletar Robbery
First Singaporean television film.
1984 The Awakening
The first blockbuster epic drama.
The Unbeatables
First drama series in Singapore about gambling. Its three seasons were released in 1993, 1996 and 2002 respectively.
1996 Don't Worry, Be Happy The first local Chinese sitcom.
1998 Return of the Condor Heroes
The most expensive blockbuster wuxia drama ever produced by MediaCorp, based on Louis Cha's novel. The serial made waves in the Taiwan and China markets and was repeated due to overwhelming audience demand. It also made screen idols out of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, who were the charismatic leads.
2003 Always On My Mind Starring Fann Wong, this serial was made to commemorate the sacrifices of the brave members of the Singapore medical profession during the SARS crisis.
2003 Holland V
A long-running Chinese drama in Singapore TV history with 125 episodes. Biggest winner in Star Awards 2003, winning best M/F Lead and M/F supporting.
2004 The Champion
The drama series about swimming starred Singaporean and Taiwanese artistes and was extremely popular.
2004 Double Happiness
A long-running Chinese drama, it had 142 episodes in two parts. The first part was shown from May to August, while the second part began in October.
2005 Portrait of Home
A long-running Chinese drama with 100 episodes in two parts. The first part (60 episodes) aired from May to July, while the second part (40 episodes) began in October. Was nominated for best drama serial in 2005, but lost to A New Life.
2007 The Peak
Sponsored by Keppel, filming went as far as Brazil.
2007 Kinship
MediaCorp's long-running 83-episode Chinese drama in 2007.
2007 Honour and Passion
A 20-episode military drama series sponsored by the Singaporean Ministry of Defence.
2007 Metamorphosis
Channel 8's most watched television drama series in 2007 and was awarded Best Drama Series Award in Star Awards 2007.
2007 The Golden Path
A 30-episode blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp's 25 years of local Chinese drama.
2008 Love Blossoms
MediaCorp's long-running 113-episode Chinese drama in 2008.
2008 By My Side
A 20-episode drama on AIDS, commissioned by the Health Promotion Board.
2008 The Little Nyonya
A 34-episode blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp Channel 8's 45th anniversary.
2009 The Dream Catchers
A 20-episode drama about Singapore's engineering sector, commissioned by the Economic Development Board. Filming was conducted in SIAEC and Chartered Semiconductor, and was partially filmed in Japan, the leads were also interviewed by NHK. This drama was featured on BBC Asia Business Report.
2009 The Ultimatum
Mediacorp's 30-episode mid-year blockbuster for the year 2009.
Your Hand In Mine
MediaCorp's long-running 180-episode Chinese drama in 2009.


2009 Together
A 36-episode mega blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp Channel 8's 46th anniversary.
2010 Unriddle
A 20-episode police blockbuster for the year 2010.
2010 Breakout
A 25-episode end-year blockbuster drama in 2010.
2011 C.L.I.F
A 20-episode police blockbuster in collaboration by the Singapore Police Force.
2011 Devotion
A 25-episode mega blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp Channel 8's 47th anniversary.
2011 The Oath
A 20-episode end-year blockbuster drama in 2011.
2011 A Song to Remember
A 30-episode mega blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp Channel 8's 48th anniversary.
2012 Unriddle 2
A 20-episode police blockbuster for the year 2012.

English language

  • Masters of The Sea (1994) (TV drama)
  • Growing Up (1996–2001) The longest running English drama in Singapore, span around 60s - 80s.
  • VR Man (TV Drama) Attempt at making a superhero show with local personality.
  • Under One Roof, 同一屋簷下 (1994) (The first local English sitcom, criticized for its use of Singlish)
  • Phua Chu Kang (Local English sitcom, starring Gurmit Singh. Also criticized for its heavy use of Singlish) (1997–2007)
  • Making Love (Local English comedy, starring Andrea D'Cruz, Celest Chong, Jimmy T, Kevin Verghese) (2000)
  • Moulmein High (Local English drama, starring Cynthia Koh)
  • First Touch (Local English drama, starring Edmund Chen, Amy Cheng, Vernetta Lopez, Nick Shen) (2000–2002)
  • Living with Lydia (Local English sitcom, starring Lydia Sum.)
  • Oh Carol! (Local English sitcom, starring Carol Cheng.)
  • After Hours (Local English drama, starring Linda Liao, Utt, Joanne Peh) (2 seasons)
  • Like My Own (2004)(Local English drama, starring Flora Chan, Zhu Mi Mi, Ho Wen Long, Amy Cheng)
  • Tiramisu (2005)(Local English drama, starring Sharon Au)
  • ABC DJ (2006) (Local English sitcom, starring Korean actor Eugene Lee)
  • Maggi & Me (2006) (Local English sitcom, starring Adrian Pang and Fiona Xie, premieres 25 July 2006)
  • Yang Sisters (2006) (Local English sitcom, starring Cheng Pei-Pei, premieres 28 September 2006))
  • Enbloc (2008) (Local English drama, starring Patrick Teoh, Darren Lim, Nick Shen, Nathaniel Ho, Rebecca Lim)
  • Red Thread (2009) (Local English blockbuster drama, premieres 14 April 2009)
  • Fighting Spiders (2009) (Channel 5's blockbuster drama, premieres 14 April 2009)
  • Point of Entry (2010) (Local English Action-drama about an elite team of ICA, premiers 2 December 2010)
  • The Pupil (2010-2011) (Local English drama, about the legal profession in Singapore, premiers 7 January 2010)

News and current affairs

  • News 5 Tonight (wrap-up of the day's news in English)
  • Talking Point
  • Get Real! (The Current Affairs Show in Singapore, hosted by Diana Ser)
  • The Frontline, 前線追蹤 (The Chinese Current Affairs Show, investigative programme shown every Friday night.)
  • News Tonight (Daily news coverage in Chinese, first telecast on Channel 8 at 10pm, second telecast on Channel U at 11pm. Hosted by Zhang Haijie and Lin Qiyuan)

Other shows

  • Crime Watch (Talk about crime prevention, partially based on the German programme. Produced by MediaCorp and Singapore Police Force.)
  • True Files (Cases of the murders of yesteryears.)
  • True Courage (The extraordinary courage of some Singaporeans.)


MediaCorp offers fourteen free-to-air radio channels, as well as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service. DAB Radio is set to be discontinued on 1 December 2011 due to low listenership. [5]

Frequency Station Language Format Website
89.7 MHz Ria 89.7FM Malay Top 40 (CHR) Link
90.5 MHz Gold 90.5FM English Classic hits Link
92.4 MHz Symphony 92.4FM English Classical Link
93.3 MHz Y.E.S. 93.3FM Chinese Top 40 (CHR) Link
93.8 MHz 938LIVE English Talk radio Link
94.2 MHz Warna 94.2FM Malay News, Infotainment Link
95.0 MHz Class 95FM English Adult contemporary Link
95.8 MHz Capital 95.8FM Chinese Talk radio Link
96.3 MHz XFM 96.3FM Arab, French, German,
Hindi, Japanese, Korean
Top 40 (CHR), Infotainment Link
96.8 MHz Oli 96.8FM Tamil Infotainment Link
97.2 MHz Love 97.2FM Chinese Easy listening Link
98.7 MHz 987FM English Top 40 (CHR) Link
99.5 MHz Lush 99.5FM English Adult Link

MediaCorp Subaru Impreza Challenge

An annual event that MediaCorp anchors is the MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge. Much public attention and participation is drawn from the public to this event.

MediaCorp Ad-Xtra (MAX)

MediaCorp Ad-Xtra (MAX) is top advertisers on MediaCorp television channels and TODAY will be rewarded in a new marketing initiative that provides extra mileage as a gesture of appreciation for their continued support in buying into MediaCorp platforms.

Called MediaCorp Ad-Xtra, a top 10 advertiser on MediaCorp television channels (Channel 5/8/U) for the past week will get a 6-second clip of their TV commercial compiled into a 60-second show reel for broadcast on MediaCorp television channels the following week.

The show reel will be broadcast on Channel 5, 8 and U from Wednesday to Sunday, translating into $53,000 worth of airtime for the advertisers.

Top advertisers in TODAY for the past week with a minimum advertising expenditure of $25,000 can look forward to a free advertisement panel that will be published in the following Weekend TODAY edition. As Singapore's leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, MediaCorp will continue to create the best business solutions for its clients to give them more bang for their buck.

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