Blasted Mechanism

Blasted Mechanism

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Name = Blasted Mechanism

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Origin = Lisbon, Portugal
Genre = Alternative rock World Music
Years_active = 1995–present
Label = Toolatemen
Current_members = Guitshu: Vocals Valdjiu: Bambuleco, Kalachakra Ary: Bass Zymon: Electric guitar, sitar, keyboards Fred Stone: Drums Winga: Percussion
Past_members = Miguel Cardona: Guitar Salvatori Tiliba: Didgeridoo Castora: Percussion Karkov: Vocals

Blasted Mechanism are a Portuguese experimental electro-rock band known for its highly theatrical live shows which involve elaborated alien-themed costumes as a backdrop to their truly original music style.The band was founded in 1995 by Karkov and Valdjiu. Later, new members joined to form the current line up. As they like to put it "they weren't created but invented" ,arriving in the Portuguese music scene with a very different sound and visuals. Their unique style of alien and tribal looking performers playing electronic mixed with world music is conveyed through sound, image and also through an irreverent, upbeat attitude.


Blasted Mechanism Demo (1994)

( unknown )

Blasted Mechanism EP (1996)
# Swinging with the monkeys
# Calamidad
# The Atom Bride theme

Balayhashi (1998)
# Swinging with the monkeys
# Calamidad
# The Atom Bride theme
# Polaroid
# Gators from Congo

SingleMix 00
# Swinging with the monkeys (00 mix) by ragmanan saturnia
# Spasm (pink moon mix) by saturnia
# Danka Danka mix by toolateman

Plasma (1999)
# Oh Landou
# The Art of Fitting
# Zapping
# Mahdathai
# Connection
# Spasm
# 18 Strings
# Karkow
# Blue Mood
# Nazka

SingleMix 01
# Karkov(nadabrovichka mix) radio edit dj dimitrivzki
# The atom bride theme (remix) live
# Toolateman hymn radio edit by toolateman

Mix 00 (2000)
# Mahdathai (urban mix) by ragmanam
# Nazka (jap mix) by ragmanam ary
# Spasm (pink moon mix) by saturnia
# Blue Mood (lungs ahead) by ragmanam ary
# Karkov (nadabrovitchka mix) by dj dimitrivzki
# Swinging With The Monkeys (00 mix) by ragmanam saturnia
# Oh Landou (mesthai mix) by ragmanam ary
# Calamidub by toolateman
# The Atom Bride Theme (remix) by ragmanam saturnia
# Zapping (alex fx full mix) by alex fx for underdub

Namaste Promotional Single (2003)
# Are You Ready
# Walking On A Better Day
# Taman Taman (feat. J. B. Galissa)

Namaste (2003)
# Arrival to Borubudur
# Taman Taman (feat. J. B. Galissa)
# Are You Ready
# Walking On A Better Day
# I Believe
# Higher Than Paradise
# Bolivian Feel (feat. Virgul and J. B. Galissa)
# No Solution
# Maytsoba (auto chase between two dragon fly who lost wings)
# Rebel Tools
# No Black Nor Gray
# Write Your Soul
# Got To Move

DVD 1996-2004 (2004)

Format: Double DVD

DVD 1 (2003/2004) Paredes de Coura Festival 2003 Extras . Vilar de Mouros Festival 2003 . 6 recorded themes on Christmas Eve in 2003 . Videoclips: “Are You Ready”; “I Believe” . Summer festivals 2003 - Behind the scenes . Slide-showDVD 2 (1996/2002) Sudoeste Festival 2002 Extras . Videoclips: “Karkov” and “Swinging With The Monkeys” . Sudoeste Festival 1997 . Behind the scenes in Sudoeste . Lisbon Street Happening

Blasted Empire Promotional Single(2005)
# Blasted Empire (feat. Dj Nelassassin) *This song has featured in FIFA 07

Avatara (2005)
# Blasted Empire (feat. Dj Nelassassin)
# Sun Goes Down
# What Is All About
# Manipulation
# Kurié Mahallande
# Power On (feat. Maria João)
# Enolough
# Sagar Mata
# Hand Full of Nothing (feat. Dealema)
# So Spaced Out
# Take That Shot
# Pink Hurricane (feat. Maria João)
# Memories Will Fade
# Space Hopper
# Stecotorketor

Tribos Unidas Promocional Single(2007)
# All The Way

Sound in Light / Light in Sound (2007)

Format: Double CD. When inserted the CD in the computer CD drive, you'll be taken by a blind link to a website where it's possible to download for free 10 extra tracks from a virtual record called "Light in Sound". The Digipack also has a slot to put an extra CD, made from the extra tracks downloaded.

CD 1 - Sound in Light
# Battle Of Tribes (feat. Kumpania Algazarra)
# Total Rebellion (BM vs Transglobal Underground)
# All the Way
# Sound in Light
# Sunshine (feat. Dani from “Macaco” and Rão Kyao)
# URU (Strange Faces) (feat. Kumpania Algazarra)
# Mystical Power
# You Never Leave Me Nothing
# We (ft. Antonio Chaínho)
# Suddenly
# N’dezdai Ddu Stae (feat. Nido D’Arac)
# Unarmed Rebellion (feat. Gaia Beat)
# Zimadê
# Sfi Nassan
# New Assault

CD 2 - Light in Sound
# Dimensional Nomads
# Reveal Your Art
# Vibe Master
# Rise To The Level
# Barbiturical Convulsion
# Learn Over
# The Perfect Shine
# Mahatma
# Saturn
# 1000 Miles


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