Rozala of Italy

Rozala of Italy

Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Provence, or Susannah of Italy) (c. 937–7 February 1003) was the daughter of King Berenger II of Italy. By her first marriage, she was Countess of Flanders; by her second, she was Queen of France. She was a seventh generation descendant of Charlemagne.

Her first marriage was to Count Arnulf II of Flanders (d. 988). They had three children: Baldwin IV of Flanders (980–1035); Eudes of Cambrai; and Mathilda (d. 995). On her husband's death, she acted as regent for her young son.

In 988 or 989, despite being over fifty years old, she married Robert the Pious, the "Rex Filius" of France; he was not particularly enthusiastic about the marriage, which had been arranged by his father, King Hugh of France. She brought her husband Montreuil and Ponthieu as a dowry. Upon her marriage, she took the name of "Susannah".

When her father-in-law died, however, Robert repudiated her, desiring to marry Bertha of Burgundy in her place. Rozala then retired to Flanders, where she died and was buried. Robert retained control of her dowry.

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