Universal Docking Module

Universal Docking Module

The Universal Docking Module (UDM) ( _ru. Универсальный стыковочный модуль) was a planned Russian component for the International Space Station, to be jointly built by RKK Energia and Khrunichev. The original design would have it docked to the nadir (Earth-facing) "Zvezda" service module docking port, and have four docking ports to accommodate the two Russian Research Modules, the Life Support Module (LSM) and the SO2 docking compartment. Because the LSM, SO2, and a Research Module were cancelled due to lack of funds, this module was also cancelled. The one remaining Research Module was then scheduled to be fitted to the open docking port on "Zvezda", but in the latest design, that port will be used by the Docking Cargo Module instead.

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* [http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/shuttle/future/index.html NASA assembly sequence] - Updated December 8, 2006
* [http://www.ssc.se/data/content/DOCUMENTS/2004105133140845013.pdf Space Events diary July-September 2001 .pdf] - There is a paragraph stating the UDM was cancelled and to be replaced with the 70% complete FGB-2, with modifications
* [http://www.russianspaceweb.com/iss_fgb2.html FGB-2 module] - An article written in Aug. 10, 2001, discussing the plans for UDM and FGB-2

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