Invasion of the Daleks

Invasion of the Daleks

title=Invasion of the Daleks
series=Dalek Empire

writer=Nicholas Briggs
director=Nicholas Briggs
producer=Jason Haigh-Ellery
Nicholas Briggs
set_between=before "The Human Factor
length=70 minutes|

"Invasion of the Daleks" is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who".


The Daleks begin their invasion of the galaxy with an attack on the peaceful Earth Alliance colony of Vega VI.


*Susan Mendes - Sarah Mowatt
*Alby Brook - Mark McDonnell
*Kalendorf - Gareth Thomas
*Pellan - John Wadmore
*Narrator - Joyce Gibbs
*Admiral Cheviat - Ian Brooker
*Ed Byers - Ian Brooker
*Roboman - Ian Brooker
*Tanlee - David Sax
*Dalek Voices - Nicholas Briggs
Alistair Lock


*Kalendorf is a Knight of Velyshaa. Another member of the Knights, Sancroff, appeared in the audio adventure "The Sirens of Time".

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