Beat Off

Beat Off

Infobox Album
Name = Beat Off
Type = Album
Artist = The Queers

Released = August 10, 1994 February 6, 2007 (reissue)
Recorded = 1994
Genre = Pop-Punk, Punk rock
Length =
Label = Lookout! Records LK-081
Asian Man Records (reissue) ASM-142
Producer = Ben Weasel Mass Giorgini
Last album = "Shout At The Queers" (1994)
This album = "Beat Off" (1994)
Next album = "Suck This" (1995)
Misc = Extra album cover 2
Upper caption = Alternate cover
Type = Studio

Lower caption = Asian Man Records reissue cover (2007)

Beat Off is the third full length album by pop-punk band The Queers.

Track listing

# "Steak Bomb"
# "Drop The Attitude Fucker"
# "You Make Me Wanna Puke"
# "Teenage Gluesniffer"
# "Ben Weasel"
# "Voodoo Doll"
# "Mirage"
# "Grounded"
# "Live This Life"
# "Half Shitfaced"
# "Too Many Twinkies"
# "All Screwed Up"
# "My Old Man's a Fatso" (on Asian Man reissue)


*Joe King - Guitar, Vocals
*B-Face - Bass, Vocals
*Vapid - Guitar, Vocals
*Danny Panic - Drums

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