Cavalcade of Magi

Cavalcade of Magi

The Cavalcade of Magi is a typical parade of coaches practically in all the Spanish cities and also some cities and towns in Mexico. The Magi (of which tradition holds there are three: Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltasar) ride through the streets, as their page boys throw candies to children.

It is celebrated every January 5 (the day preceding the feast of Epiphany) in the evening. When the night comes the children must go to bed early and the following morning they have the gifts of the Magi that they have requested before in a letter. According to this tradition, the children who have behaved badly during the last year receive coal rather than candy, though (as in the case of Santa Claus) this is not a frequent occurrence.

The cavalcade of Madrid is retransmitted live on TVE (a popular Spanish broadcaster). The cavalcade of Alcoy is the oldest in the world and is a major draw of international tourism for Spain.

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