Government of Denmark

Government of Denmark

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a representative democracy based on a unicameral parliamentary system. The affairs of Government are decided by a Cabinet of Ministers, which is led by a Prime Minister. The Cabinet and the Prime Minister are responsible for their actions to the Parliament of Denmark.

Members of the cabinet are given the formal title of minister and each hold a different portfolio of government duties. The day-to-day role of the cabinet members is to serve as head of one or more segments of the national bureaucracy, as head of the civil servants to which all employees in that department report.

Head of Government

Enjoying the status of primus inter pares, the Prime Minister is head of the Danish government. The Minister and members of the cabinet are appointed by the Crown on basis of the party composition in Parliament, and confirmed by a vote of confidence.

Since November 27, 2001, the Prime Minister is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, leading a minority government coalition of the Liberal Party and Conservative Peoples Party.

Cabinet Government

As of the February 18, 2006 in the wake of the parliamentary elections, the cabinet has 19 members including the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister leads the work of the Cabinet as well as being minister for constitutional affairs, oversees territories and for the affairs of the press.

The 19 cabinet members hold different portfolios of duties, including but not limited to the day-to-day role as head of one or more segments of the 18 government departments.

Since it is not a requirement that cabinet members be elected members of parliament, it is likewise not required for them to resign a seat in parliament while holding a position in the cabinet!


=Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of State=

* Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister
* Bendt Bendtsen, Deputy Prime Minister

Foreign Office

* Per Stig Møller, Minister for Foreign Affairs
* Ulla Tørnes, Minister for Development Corporations

=Ministry of Justice=

* Lene Espersen, Minister for Justice

Ministry of Employment

* Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Minister for Employment

Ministry of Finance

* Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Minister for Finance

=Ministry of Defence=

* Søren Gade Jensen, Minister of Defence

Ministry of Health and Preventional Measures

* Jakob Axel Nielsen, Minister of Health and Preventional Measures

Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs

* Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs

Ministry of Culture

* Brian Mikkelsen, Minister for Culture

Ministry of Climate and Energy

* Connie Hedegaard, Minister of Climate and Energy

=Ministry of the Environment=

* Troels Lund Poulsen, Minister for the Environment

Ministry for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs

* Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs

Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

* Eva Kjer Hansen, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

=Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation=

* Helge Sander, Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation

Ministry of Taxation

* Kristian Jensen, Minister for Taxation

Ministry of Welfare and Ministry of Gender equality

* Karen Jespersen, Minister for Welfare and Gender Equality

=Ministry of Transport=

* Carina Christensen, Minister for Transport

Ministry of Education

* Bertel Haarder, Minister for Education

Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs

* Bendt Bendtsen, Minister for Economic and Business Affairs

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