List of passengers on the Mayflower

List of passengers on the Mayflower

This is a list of the 104 passengers onboard the "Mayflower" during its trans-Atlantic voyage of September 6 - November 9, 1620, among them the 50 Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth Colony in what is now Massachusetts. The "Mayflower" launched with 102 passengers, as well as at least two dogs. One baby was born during the trip and named "Oceanus" Hopkins. Another, "Peregrine" (meaning "wanderer") White, was born on the "Mayflower" in America on November 20, before the settlement at Plymouth. About half of these emigrants died in the first winter. Many Americans can trace their ancestry back to one or more of these individuals.

Pilgrim Families

*Allerton, Isaac
**Mary (Norris) Allerton, wife (Newbury, Berkshire)Locations of birth for Mayflower passengers follow Caleb Johnson's list as found at [ Mayflower] , accessed August 29, 2006]
**Bartholomew Allerton, son (Leiden, Netherlands)
**Remember Allerton, daughter (Leiden, Netherlands)
**Mary Allerton, daughter (Leiden, Netherlands), the last survivor of the "Mayflower" company []
*Bradford, William (Austerfield, Yorkshire)
**Dorothy (May) Bradford, wife (Wisbech, Cambridge)
*Brewster, William (Doncaster, Yorkshire)
**Mary Brewster, wife
**Love Brewster, son (Leiden, Netherlands)
**Wrestling Brewster, son (Leiden, Netherlands)
*Carver, John
**Catherine (Leggett) (White) Carver, wife (probably Sturton-le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire)
*Chilton, James (Canterbury)Division of passengers by category generally follows Appendix I of "Saints and Strangers" by George F. Willison with the following exceptions, as per The Plymouth Colony Archive Project, Passengers on the Mayflower: Ages & Occupations, Origins & Connections [] , 2000, Patricia Scott Deetz and James F. Deetz: The families of James Chilton and Edward Fuller, brother of "saint" Samuel Fuller as well as Thomas Williams, are now known to have been living at Leiden and cannot fit the category of recruited by London merchants and have been listed with the Pilgrims. Significant scholarship has produced many new documents since Willison's 1945 publication.]
**Mrs. Susanna Chilton, wife
**Mary Chilton, daughter (Sandwich, Kent)
*Cooke, Francis
**John Cook, son (Leiden, Netherlands)
*Cooper, Humility - (probably Leiden, Netherlands) baby daughter of Robert Cooper, in company of her aunt Ann Cooper Tilley, wife of Edward TilleyHumility Cooper and Henry Sampson were both children who joined their uncle and aunt Edward and Ann Tilley for the voyage. Willison lists them as "strangers" because they were not members of the church at Leiden; however, as children they would have been under their aunt and uncle who were members of that group.]
*Crackstone, John (Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk)
**John Crackstone, son
**"Doty, Edward
*Fletcher, Moses (probably Canterbury, Kent)
* Fuller, Edward (Redenhall, Norfolk)
**Mrs. Edward Fuller, wife
** Samuel Fuller, son
*Fuller, Samuel (Redenhall, Norfolk) (brother to Edward)
*Goodman, John
*Minter, Desire (Norwich, Norfolk)
*Priest, Degory
*Rogers, Thomas (Watford, Northamptonshire)
**Joseph Rogers, son (Watford, Northamptonshire)
*Sampson, Henry (Henlow, Bedfordshire) child in company of his uncle and aunt Edward and Ann Tilley
*Tilley, Edward (Henlow, Bedfordshire)
**Ann (Cooper) Tilley (Henlow, Bedfordshire) wife of Edward and aunt of Humilty Cooper and Henry Sampson
* Tilley, John (Henlow, Bedfordshire)
**Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley, wife (Henlow, Bedfordshire)
**Elizabeth Tilley, daughter (Henlow, Bedfordshire)
*Tinker, Thomas
**Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
**boy Tinker, son
*Turner, John
**boy Turner, son
**boy Turner, younger son
*White, William
**Susanna (Unknown) White , wife
**Resolved White, son
**Peregrine White, son (born in Provincetown Harbor)
*Williams, Thomas, (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)
*Winslow, Edward (Droitwich, Worcestershire)
**Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife

Planters recruited by London merchants

*Billington, John (possibly Spalding, Lincolnshire)
**Eleanor Billington, wife
**John Billington, son
**Francis Billington, son
*Britteridge, Richard
*Browne, Peter (Dorking, Surrey)
*Clarke, Richard
*Eaton, Francis (Bristol, Avon (historic: Somerset))
**Sarah Eaton, wife
**Samuel Eaton, son
*Gardiner, Richard (Harwich, Essex)
*Hopkins, Stephen (Upper Clatford, Hampshire)
**Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, wife
**Giles Hopkins, son by first marriage (Hursley, Hampshire)
**Constance Hopkins, daughter by first marriage (Hursley, Hampshire)
**Damaris Hopkins, daughter
**Oceanus Hopkins, born "en route"
*Margesson, Edmund
*Martin, Christopher (Billericay, Essex)
**Mary (Prower) Martin, wife
*Mullins, William (Dorking, Surrey)
**Alice Mullins, wife
**Priscilla Mullins, daughter
**Joseph Mullins, son
*Prower, Solomon (Billericay, Essex)
*Rigsdale, John
**Alice Rigsdale, wife
*Standish, Myles (Chorley, Lancashire)
**Rose Standish, wife
*Warren, Richard (Hertford, England)
*Winslow, Gilbert (Droitwich, Worcestershire), brother to "Pilgrim" Edward Winslow but not known to have lived in Leiden

Men hired to stay one year

*Alden, John (Harwich, Essex) - considered a ship's crewman (he was the ship's cooper) but joined settlers
*Allerton, John, was to return to England to help the rest of the group immigrate but died in the winter, may have been relative of "Pilgrim" Allerton family
*Ely, Richard, hired as seaman, returned to England after term was up but later returned to New England and died there. He is mentioned briefly as a sailor by name of Ely in "Of Plymouth Plantation."
*English, Thomas, hired to master a shallop but died in the winter
*Trevore, William, hired as seaman, returned to England after term was up

Family servants

Thirteen of the 18 people in this category were attached to Pilgrim families.

*Butten, William, age "a youth", servant of Samuel Fuller, only person who died during the voyage
*Carter, Robert, age unknown, servant or apprentice to William Mullins, shoemaker.
*--?--, Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver, married Francis Eaton within two years of arrival
*Doty, Edward, (possibly Lincolnshire) age probably about 21, servant to Stephen Hopkins
*Holbeck, William, age likely under 21, servant to William White
*Hooke, John, (probably Norwich, Norfolk) age 13, apprenticed to Isaac Allerton
*Howland, John (probably Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire), age about 21, manservant for Governor John Carver
*Lancemore, John (probably Shropshire or Worcestershire), age under 21, servant to the Christopher Martin
*Latham, William, age 11, servant/apprentice to the John Carver family
*Leister, Edward (Kensington), aged over 21, servant to Stephen Hopkins
* More, Ellen, (Shipton, Shropshire), age 8, indentured to Edward Winslow
**Jasper More, (Shipton, Shropshire), brother, age 7, indentured to John Carver
**Richard, (Shipton, Shropshire), brother, age 6, indentured to William Brewster
**Mary, (Shipton, Shropshire), sister, age 4, indentured to William Brewster
*Soule, George, teacher of Edward Winslow's children
*Story, Elias, age under 21, in the care of Edward Winslow
*Thompson, Edward, age under 21, in the care of the William White family, first passenger to die after the "Mayflower" reached Cape Cod.
*Wilder, Roger, age under 21, servant in the John Carver family


At least two dogs are known to have participated in the settling of Plymouth. In "Mourt's Relation" Edward Winslow writes that a female mastiff and a small springer spaniel came ashore on the first explorations of what is now Provincetown. There may have been other animals on the "Mayflower", but none are mentioned. []

ee also

*List of Mayflower passengers who died in the winter of 1620 - 1621
*The Mayflower Society


General Source

* [ Mayflower passengers] from William Bradford's "Of Plymouth Plantation", 1650.

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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