Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup 1992-93

Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup 1992-93

Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup 1992-93 is the 15th staging of this two-leg competition between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

The first leg was played in Mong Kok Stadium on 3 January, 1993 while the second leg was played in Guangzhou on 10 January, 1993.

Hong Kong captured champion by winning an aggregate 2-1 against Guangdong.


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong team consists mainly of players from Eastern and the team has 3 non-Hong Kong players. Some of the players in the squad include:
* Ian Hesford 希福特
* Yau Kin Wai 丘建威
* Wong Wai Tak 黃偉德
* Chiu Chun Ming 趙俊明
* Lee Wai Man 李偉文
* Lee Kin Wo 李健和
* Chan Chi Keung 陳志強
* Law Kai Wah 羅繼華
* Ross Greer 基亞
* Tam Siu Wai 譚兆偉
* Dale Tempest 譚拔士
* Chung Ho Yin 鍾皓賢
* Trevor Quow 確路
* Au Wai Lun 歐偉倫


Some of the players in the squad includes:
* Pang Chuangyuen 彭昌穎
* Wu Qunli 吳群立
* Li Yong 李勇
* Ou Chuoliang 區楚良


* Ross Greer's goal at 1 min 48 s in the first leg is the fastest goal in the competition history.


First Legfootballbox
date = 3 January 1983

team1 = Hong Kong
score = 1-1|
report =
team2 = Guangdong
goals1 = Ross Greer goal|2
goals2 = Li Yong goal|54
stadium = Mong Kok Stadium

Second Legfootballbox
date = 10 January 1983

team1 = Guangdong
score = 0-1|
report =
team2 = Hong Kong
goals1 =
goals2 = Tam Siu Wai goal|?
stadium = Guangzhou


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