Marcelo Déda

Marcelo Déda
Marcelo Déda

Marcelo Déda Chagas (born March 11, 1960, in Simão Dias) is a Brazilian politician.[1] He was mayor of Aracaju from 2000 to 2006, and is the current Governor of Sergipe.

His political militancy had beginning in the Movement Secundarista. The first contact with the DCE of the Federal University of Sergipe was deed in the epoch of existence of the student political group of left in the University called Action. Déda accompanied in the DCE of the UFS to first strike university and his interest by the left-wing causes attracted the attention of the political militancy.

In 1982, in the first election of the PT, Déda is thrown candidate to state representative. Was with 22 years and obteve barely 300 votes. In 1985, happen the elections for mayor in Aracaju and the present governor left candidate. The campaign took off and Marcelo Déda conquered the second place in the ballot box with approximately 19,000 votes.

Was chosen, in 1986, state representative with the biggest voting of its legislature. His more than thirty thousand votes were so significant, that elected, also, another partisan, the medical one Marcelo Ribeiro, that had little more than 1,000 votes.

It disputed, in 1990, the re-election for the assembly, but was defeated obtaining little more of 10% of the previous voting. Four years afterwards in 1994, ran itself to the Federal Chamber, being chosen federal representative with the biggest voting of the state.

He represented Sergipe, arriving to the leadership of the Party of the Workers. In the sequence, in 1998, was reelected as a federal delegate, but resigned to assume the city hall of the of Sergipe capital.

In 26 of May 2000, Marcelo Déda became candidate for mayor of Aracaju, being one of the last put in the polls. During the three months of campaign, Déda began to jump in the polls, earning the election still in the first shift, with 52.80% of the valid votes, beside the then vice-mayor Edvaldo Walnut.

In 2004, Déda was reelected mayor of Aracaju with 71.38% of the valid votes. And on 31 of March 2006, Déda resigned to the mandate of mayor of Aracaju for face it disputes by the government of the State. In historical victory, that symbolized a change in the of Sergipe political setting, Marcelo Déda is chosen governor with 52.48% of the votes, beside the lieutenant governor Belivaldo Sores, also simãodiense.

Déda was chosen defeating João Alves Son still in the first shift

His political path has like outstanding points to its candidacy to mayor of Aracaju in 1985. In the epoch, still in home of the twenty and few years, challenged strong names of the political of Sergipe one, as Jackson Barreto and Gilton Garcia. It stayed in second place, but was accredited for the dispute of a vacancy in the legislative assembly of the state, little afterwards.

In the city hall of Aracaju, revitalized all the city, built and reformed several health centers, created two new hospitals, built several news avenues, the Holy neighborhood Maria (old Hard Land) and planned the construction of the new viaduct of the DAY, a big work of integration of several neighborhoods of Aracaju, beyond transform the Dance Cashew in the most greatest feast junino of the country. During his government, Aracaju was considered the capital with the best quality of life of the country, surpassing Curitiba, that had up to that time, the title of better city of Brazil I join with Brasília.

Evil assumed the government of the state, and Déda already is being valued for be candidate of the PT to the presidency in 2010, as a possible option to the name preferred of the president Squid, the home minister, Dilma Rousseff. The information comes from the vice president of the Party of the Workers, Landmark Aurélio Garcia, that cited still the names of Tarso Son-in-law- minister of the Justice, Jaques Wagner- governing of the Bahia and Marta Suplicy- ex-mayor of São Paulo and ex-minister of the Tourism, as probable candidates.

Already in the Government of Sergipe, has developed important projects for the state, as the construction of two new regional hospitals and of around others 12 municipal hospitals, with the objective of vent the calamitous service of the HUSE (Hospital of Urgency of Sergipe). Obtained recently, next to the Federal Government, the order of implementation of a campus of health of the UFS in Lizard, unpublished fact, since the course of alone medicine is disposed in all the state, in the UFS of Saint Cristovão. Another of the his projects already performed were the recuperation of the roads of the interior, that unlike the big majority of the roads of the country, already are in good state and the annual achievement of the feasts juninos of Sergipe, that already turned tradition and is one of the most greatest of the country.

Ally to representative Jackson Barreto and to Senator Valadares (Brazilian Socialist Party), fellow citizen and friend, Marcelo Déda supported the re-election of the successor in the city Hall of Aracaju, Edvaldo Walnut (PC of the B), and left victorious in the contest already in first shift, electing also, more than 60 mayors of the 75 possible in all the state, showing himself to be a distinguished political strategist.

Has approval of more from 60% of the of Sergipe and is considered by the people and by the own press as a good governor, and probable candidate for the presidency of the country in the 2 or 3 near elections.


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