CAD Navigation

CAD Navigation

CAD Navigation refers to software tools which are used for the correlation of electronic semiconductor design data with a physical semiconductor device. CAD Navigation tools consist of software that is capable of reading and displaying the physical layout and logical schematic for the device. The logical design consists of a netlist and/or a schematic. The physical design is comprised of a set of polygons which precisely represent the location of all electrical conductors, diffusions and interconnections in the physical semiconductor device. CAD navigation tools are often used to provide a cross-correlation between the logical design and the physical design. CAD navigation tools are used extensively with E-beam probers, focused-ion beam systems and photon probers for the purpose of semiconductor failure analysis. [cite conference| last=Ng| first=W| title=CAD Navigation in FA and Design/Test Data for Fast Fault Isolation| booktitle=Microelectronics Failure Analysis | pages= pp. 676-83]



*cite book| title=Microelectronics Failure Analysis | year=2004 |publisher=ASM International | location=Materials Park, Ohio| id= ISBN 0-87170-804-3

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