Garibaldi (group)

Garibaldi (group)

Garibaldi was a Mexican group of young men and women, wearing a very free version of the traditional charro costume while singing modern version of traditional songs, causing some controversy. The name Garibaldi comes from Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City where mariachi bands can be found.


The former members, and their current occupations are:
* Ingrid Coronado,television host
* Katia Llanos
* Patricia Manterola, singer/model/actress
* Pilar Montenegro, singer
* Víctor Noriega, actor
* Luisa Fernanda, television host
* Sergio Mayer, producer of "Sólo para Mujeres", actor
* Charly López, actor, restaurateur
* Javier Ortiz, actor, "Sólo para Mujeres"


* "Dónde quedó la bolita" (1993)


#"Garibaldi" (1988)
#"Que Te La Pongo" (1990)
#"Noche Buena" (1990)
#"Los Hijos De Buda" (1991)
#"Donde Quedo La Bolita" (1993)
#"Gritos De Guerra, Gritos De Amor" (1993)
#"Caribe" (1994)
#"Reunion 10" (1999)

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