Man flu

Man flu

Man flu is a pejorative term that refers to the idea many men, when they have a cold, exaggerate and claim they have the flu — the implication being that women do not do so. Whilst a commonly used phrase in the UK, it is referred to in other cultures[1] and there is a growing scientific basis for the phrase.[2]


Popular culture

A web-based survey of readers of Nuts magazine in late 2006 stirred interest in this notion,[3] which was criticised as unscientific and unreliable.[4][5] It has been suggested that such exaggeration is possibly just as prevalent in women.[6][7] However, regardless of any scientific basis, the idea behind man flu has been present in popular culture, and has even been the source of controversy when used in advertising.[8]

Scientific basis

A study published in 2009 was widely reported as supporting the concept that "man flu" exists,[9][10] but many believe that the media were misunderstanding and/or misrepresenting the science.[11] The study had nothing to do with the flu (the experiment was related to bacterial, not viral, infection) and was performed on genetically modified mice rather than human beings, so the results are not necessarily applicable to humans.[12] [13]

According to Cambridge University researchers, evolutionary factors have led to the male system becoming more vulnerable to illness.[14]

A 2010 survey by the Office for National Statistics reported on by the BBC World Service suggested that women call in sick twice as often as men do.[15]

In 2011, a study conducted at the University of Queensland confirmed the existence of "man flu" by discovering that pre-menopausal women boasted a far more resilient immune system than men, and asserted that this was due to the biological imperative of women being "more likely to ensure the survival of the species.” [16]

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