Drusilla of Mauretania (born 5)

Drusilla of Mauretania (born 5)

Drusilla of Mauretania (Drusilla in Greek: η Δρουσìλλη) was a princess of Mauretania, the youngest child of queen Cleopatra Selene II and king Juba II and a sister to king Ptolemy of Mauretania. Her birthdate is uncertain but is thought to be about 8 BCE.[1]



No other siblings are known to exist.[1][2] Her father Juba II of Numidia, was a son of king Juba I of Numidia (a king of Numidia of Berber descent from North Africa, who was an ally of Roman General Pompey). Her mother Cleopatra Selene II was a daughter of Ptolemaic Greek queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt from her marriage to Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. Drusilla was of Berber, Greek and Roman ancestry.

Drusilla with her brother, were the only grandchildren of African king Juba I of Numidia, Ptolemaic Greek queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and were among the younger grandchildren of Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. Through her maternal grandfather, she was a distant relative of Dictator Julius Caesar and the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Drusilla was a first cousin of Roman General Germanicus and his brother the Roman Emperor Claudius and a second cousin of Roman Emperor Caligula, Roman Empress Agrippina the Younger, Roman Empress Valeria Messalina and Roman Emperor Nero.


Drusilla was named in honor of the Roman Empress Livia Drusilla or her late son the Roman General Nero Claudius Drusus. Drusilla was most probably born in Caesaria, the capital of the Kingdom of Mauretania (modern Cherchell, Algeria) in the Roman Empire in 5 and she was most probably raised there. Her mother died in 6. Drusilla received a Roman education and became Romanized. However, little is known on the life of Drusilla.


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