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Breakfast Television

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"Breakfast Television", also known as BT, is a Canadian morning news and entertainment program which airs on the Citytv stations (in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary), and A Atlantic.

Each Rogers-owned Citytv station produces its own "Breakfast Television", as does CTV-owned A Atlantic. (All other CTV-owned A stations produce their own similar morning shows, under the name, "A Morning").

BT tends to be more relaxed and spontaneous than American morning shows. Unlike American morning shows, it does not have pre-taped segments that are focused on current events or socio-political issues. The guests tend to be more human interest, informational, and promotional in nature and there is little focus on celebrities. This was likely born out of necessity in the early years of BT, but it is most likely a simple matter of preference or style now.

When celebrity guests come on the show, they most often reminisce about their career in general, or are promoting charitable causes. This differs from the American standard of appearing to promote new movies or television series.

Citytv Toronto

On-air personalities
* Main anchor/host: Kevin Frankish (1994 - present)
* Co-host: Dina Pugliese (October 13, 2006-present) [Inside BT Blog: " [ DINA IS THE ONE!!!!] ", 13 October 2006.]
* Weather: Frank Ferragine (September 26, 2005 - present)
* LiveEye: Jennifer Valentyne
* Top story reporter: Tracy Moore (September 2005 - 2008 (on maternity leave)), Pam Seatle (occasionally fills in for Tracy Moore, primarily in summer 2006)
* Transit/traffic reports: Mika Midolo of TTC Transit Control, Eva Fragiskatos (of CFTR-AM Traffic Centre, November 5, 2007 - present)

Breakfast Television premiered in 1989 with co-hosts Ann Rohmer and David Onley, with MuchMusic VJ Steve Anthony broadcasting from a different spot around the area each day.

Co-host Liza Fromer quit her job at "BT" in July 2006, days after the birth of her child. Kevin Frankish has blogged that her departure from the show was "on the absolute best of terms." "BT" has encouraged people to send audition tapes for consideration. During the summer of 2006, a number of CHUM personalities were invited to guest co-host with Kevin Frankish in the search for the next permanent host. The guest hosts included CityNews sports anchor Kathryn Humphreys, anchor/reporter Laura DiBattista, consumer specialist Jee-Yun-Lee, weather specialist Nalini Sharma, reporter Melissa Grelo, MuchMoreMusic VJ Tracy Melchor, BT's own Jennifer Valentyne, and Startv's Dina Pugliese. On October 13, 2006 Dina Pugliese became the new co-host of the show.

While the LiveEye tours around the Greater Toronto Area most of the time, Jennifer Valentyne has broadcast from Walt Disney World and Newfoundland. [Inside BT blog: " [ A Visit from J.D. FORTUNE & Getting Ready for VIEWER APPRECIATION DAY] ", 11 August 2006.] Frankish has blogged that producers are considering facilitating a studio audience.Inside BT blog: " [ You Asked...] ", 28 July 2006.] Every August since 2005, "BT" has organized a "Viewer Appreciation Day", held in the BT parking lot.Inside BT blog: " [ Second BT Viewer Appreciation Day A Smash Success] ", 11 August 2006.] Gates open at 6 am, and closed due to capacity crowds early into 7 am. Some people began camping out at "BT" at 5:30 pm the day before the 2006 Viewer Appreciation Day.Inside BT blog: " [ Second BT Viewer Appreciation Day A Smash Success] ", 11 August 2006.] "Breakfast Television" has also held other events, such as a successful world record attempt and a Christmas party.

Just as many people within the "CityNews" team started off on the CHUM phoneline, both Jennifer Valentyne and segment producer Kevin Forget started by working at "the "BT" Diner". [ [ CityNews: Inside BT ] ]

Kevin Frankish has publicly discussed his panic attacks with viewers, on air. [Inside BT blog: " [ Panic Attacks] ", 31 July 2006.]

A Atlantic

The name "Breakfast Television" is also licensed to A Atlantic (formerly Atlantic Satellite Network or ASN), a regional cable-only channel serving Atlantic Canada owned by CTVglobemedia. The show presently runs for 2 hours (7:00 to 9:00 a.m. AT), but in the past has aired for up to 2.5 hours (6:30 to 9:00 AT). The program has always been broadcast in full on ASN, although for several years (until 2008) portions not conflicting with "Canada AM" also aired on co-owned ATV, the Maritime CTV affiliate.

"BT" originally launched on ASN in fall 1992, with a similar format to that seen on Citytv, albeit with a greater emphasis on local musical guests. [ [ ASN's Breakfast of champions] , Leo Rice-Barker, "Playback", March 28, 1994] At that time, ASN, like Citytv, was owned by CHUM; the program continued under its original name and format even after ATV and ASN were traded to CTV in 1997.

The show was relaunched on October 24, 2005 with a unique, more news-oriented format that differs from the Citytv versions of "BT". Coming around the same time as the cancellation of late-night news on ASN, this appears to be designed to have "BT" count towards ASN's local news commitment. The main difference is that very few guests appear in the studio live. Instead, pre-taped segments featuring guests are shown. Occasionally, a guest will appear in the studio live but this is not common.

A major feature of the show since the relaunch is the "Hot Topic" which is the daily subject of conversation. The hosts discuss an issue based on news, sports, or general interest, and read email comments from viewers.

Breakfast Television has once again returned to live broadcasts which had been phased out around 2002. A new set was constructed for the relaunch and the logo was revised. The viewer mail segment of the show, which had existed since its inception, has been dropped.


* Main Anchors: Jayson Baxter, Maria Panopalis, Cyril Lunney
* News: Joanne Clancy
* Past Hosts:
** Scott Boyd (host)
** Liz Rigney (host) - now reporter for ATV
** J.C. Douglas (host) - now Program Director of CFRQ radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia
** Jay MacNeil (host) - co-host of morning show on CKFM radio in Toronto, under the name Jay Michaels
** Kurt Stoodley (host) - now co-host of A Morning, on CHRO, Ottawa, Ontario
** Mark Scholz (host) - former host of The Big Breakfast on A-Channel Edmonton
** Jill Krop (host) - now anchor of NewsHour Final on BCTV

Citytv Vancouver

CKVU launched "Breakfast Television" in 2002. Since its launch, little has changed in the show, with the exception of the news/weather/time bars on BT. At its launch, the screen consisted two small see through bars, one bar vertically on the left side and one bar horizontally along the bottom providing news, weather and traffic. As consistent with other "Breakfast Television" variations on its sister stations, there currently sits one large horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen providing flash news, weather and traffic.

The original hosts of "Breakfast Television" were Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes, then they were replaced by Shane Foxman and Beverley Mahood, and since 2005, Simi Sara and Dave Gerry hosted the morning show, but as of August 13, 2008, they were let go.

A new format for "Breakfast Television" debut in September, 2008, with a new traffic and Translink reporter.

* Hosts: Kyle Donaldson (August 14, 2008 - present), Dawn Chubai (August 25, 2008 - present)
* News: Mark Docherty (2003 - present)
* Traffic: Michel McDermott (September 15, 2008 - present)
* Weather: Dawn Chubai (2003 - present)
* LiveEye: Ashley Tyndall (August 25, 2008 - present)
* BT Morning News Reporter: Glen Harper (August 25, 2008 - present)

*Past hosts:
** Michael Eckford (host, 2002 - 2003)
** Fiona Forbes (host, 2002 - 2003)
** Karen Khunkhun (LiveEye, 2003 - 2004)
** Shane Foxman (host, 2003 - July 28, 2005)
** Beverley Mahood (host, 2003 - July 28, 2005) - now co-host of CMT Canada's flagship program, "CMT Central"
** Zain Meghji (LiveEye, March 2005 - July 28, 2005) - now co-host of CTV's eTalk
** Simi Sara (August 15, 2005 - August 13, 2008)
** Dave Gerry (August 15, 2005 - August 13, 2008)
** Tasha Chiu (August 14, 2008 - August 22, 2008)

Citytv Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton

CHUM Limited purchased Craig Media in late 2004. The $265 million (CAD) deal included, among other things, Craig's three A-Channel stations (CKAL in Calgary, Alberta, CKEM in Edmonton, Alberta, and CHMI in Winnipeg, Manitoba).

In February 2005, CHUM announced that the A-Channel stations would be relaunched as Citytv stations by that fall. The morning show on the original A-Channel stations, "The Big Breakfast", was relaunched as "Breakfast Television" on August 2, 2005 when stations were overhauled as Citytv. The A-Channel brand was subsequently transferred to CHUM's NewNet stations whose own morning programs were retitled A-Channel Morning.

Winnipeg personalities

* Main anchors: Jon Ljungberg (August 2, 2005 - present), Terri Apostle (August, 2007 - present)
* News: Brian Yasui (August 2, 2005 - present)
* Weather: Heather Steele (August 2, 2005 - present)
* LiveEye: Jimmy Mac (August 2, 2005 - present)

*Past personalities:
**Co-host: Erin Selby (August 4, 2005 - March 23, 2007)

Edmonton personalities

* Hosts: Wendy Sandwith and Rob Hislop (September 5, 2006 - present)
* LiveEye: Bridget Ryan (August 2, 2005 - present)
* News: Rob Hislop (August 2, 2005 - present), Asha Tomlinson (June 2, 2008 - present)
* Weather/Traffic: Michele McDougall (September 5, 2006 - present)

* Past personalities:
** Co-host: Bill Welychka (August 2, 2005 - August 2006)
** Co-host: Stacey Brotzel (August 2, 2005 - September 2006)
* Weather/Traffic: Wendy Sandwith (August 2, 2005 - September 2006)

Calgary personalities

* Main anchors: Dave Kelly (Date|2005-08-02 – present), Jill Belland (April, 2008 – present)
* News: Aisling Slattery (April, 2008 – present)
* Weather/Traffic: Andrew Schultz (2006 – present)

* Past personalities:
** Main Anchor: Tara McCool (Date|2005-08-02 – April 2008)
** News: Jeff Valin (Date|2005-08-02 – August 2006)
** News: Susanne Fox (2006 – April 2008)
** Weather/Traffic: Michele McDougall (Date|2005-08-02Date|2006-09-01)
** Anchor (temporary): Barb Mitchell (Date|2006-02-06Date|2006-09-01) [Mitchell appeared to replace McCool while on maternity leave.]
** Business: Shelly Swirski (July 2006 – Date|2006-11-27)


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