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meaning = Bright Fame
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The name Robert [Reaney & Wilson, 1997. "Dictionary of English Surnames". OUP] [Withycombe, E., 1973 edn. "Oxford Dictionary of English Christian names" OUP] is derived from Germanic roots "hrod" and "beraht" or "berht" meaning "fame" and "bright". [ [ Behind the Name] ] After becoming widely used in Continental Europe it entered England, where an Anglo-Saxon cognate of the name also already existed with the Normans.

*Proto-Germanic "hrôdberxtas"
*Old German "Hrodebert", "Rodbert"
*Old English "Hrēodbēorht", "Hrodberht", "Hrēodbēorð", "Hrœdbœrð", "Hrœdberð"
*Old French "Rodbert", "Robert"
*Modern English "Robert", "Roberta" (feminine)
*Modern French "Robert", "Rober", "Roper", "Roberta" (feminine)
*New High German "Robert", "Rodebrecht", "Rodeberht", "Roberta" (feminine)
*(Medieval) Latin "Rotberti"


There are several variations, some of which are used as nicknames for people named Robert, and others which are derived from the name Robert. Of the following, those which are marked "*" also have other derivations.

In Italy during the Second World War, the form of the name, Roberto, briefly acquired a new meaning derived from, and referring to the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis [ [,9171,850061,00.html RoBerTo Checked] , "Time Magazine", October 19, 1942] .

Given names

= Historical = ;Saints
*Saint Robert of Molesme, founder of the Cistercian Order
*Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church
*Saint Robert of Newminster, established the Abbey of Newminster near the castle of Ralph de Merlay, at Morpeth, Northumberland.

*Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester, English noble
*Robert of Melun, scholastic theologian
*Robert of Winchelsea, theologian and opponent of both Edward I and Edward II of England
*Robert Guiscard, Norman adventurer and Duke of Apulia and Calabria from 1059-1085
*Brother Robert, 13th century translator of French works into Old Norse

*Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, English noble and favourite of Elizabeth I

;King of France
*Robert I
*Robert II "the Pious"

;Dukes of Normandy
*Robert the Magnificent, also known as Robert the Devil, father of William the Conqueror
*Robert Curthose, eldest son of William the Conqueror and leader of the First Crusade

;Kings of Scotland
*Robert I of Scotland ("Robert the Bruce")
*Robert II of Scotland
*Robert III of Scotland

;Franconian Babenbergers/Robertian Capetians
*Robert I of Wormgau(aka "Rutpert I", "Hruodbertus I")
*Robert II of Wormgau(aka "Rutpert II", "Hruodbertus II")
*Robert III of Wormgau(aka "Rutpert III", "Hruodbertus III")
*Robert the Strong(aka "Rutpert IV", "Hruodbertus IV")

Politics and Legal

*Robert Bell (speaker), Speaker of the British House of Commons 1572-76, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer
*Robert Bertrand, Canadian politician
*Robert Bork, American judge
*Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia
*Robert Gates U.S. Secretary of Defense
*Robert Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia
*Robert Heinrich Wagner, Nazi Gauleiter and Reich Governor of Alsace
*Robert Hill, former Australian Defence Minister
*Robert Francis Kennedy, U.S. Attorney General (1961-1964) and younger brother of President John F. Kennedy
*Robert M. La Follette, Sr., politician
*Robert M. La Follette, Jr., politician
*Robert E. Lee, General of Confederate army during United States Civil War
*Robert McClelland, Australian politician
*Robert McNamara, U.S. Secretary of Defense (1961 to 1968) during President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration
*Robert Menzies, former Prime Minister of Australia
*Robert Milligan, British soldier and politician
*Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe
*Robert Muldoon, former Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Robert Schuman, late German-French foreign minister, regarded as one of the founders of the European Union
*Robert Zubrin, Martian advocate
*Robert Zoellick, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
*Robert Jovicic, stateless person.
*Robert F. Wagner, Democratic U.S. Senator, New York
*Robert F. Wagner, Jr., New York City Mayor
*Robert Walpole, popularly regarded as the first British Prime Minister

Entertainment & the arts

*Robert Adam, Scottish architect
*Robert Altman Movie Director
*Robert April, fictional character in the "Star Trek" universe
*Robert Garcia, second main character of Art of Fighting's videogame series
*Robert Barclay, eminent writer of the 17th century
*Robert Beltran, best known for his role as Commander Chakotay on
*Roberto Benigni, Academy-Award winning Italian movie director and actor
*Robert Bingham, American writer
*Robert Blake, American actor
*Rob Bourdon, American drummer for Linkin Park. (Born Robert Gregory Bourdon)
*LeVar Robert Martyn Burton Jr., actor and director who first came to prominence playing Kunta Kinte in the 1977 award winning television miniseries "Roots"
*Roberto Carlos, Brazilian singer (born Roberto Carlos Braga)
*Robert Carlyle, British actor
*Robert Colescott, United States painter
*Robert Conrad, American actor
*Robbie Coltrane, British Actor
*Robert Conway, professional wrestler
*Robert Culp, American actor,
*Robert Cummings, American film director and musician under the name Rob Zombie
*Robert De Niro, two-time Oscar-winning Italian-American actor
*Robert Del Naja, British trip-hop musician best known for his work with Massive Attack
*Robert Diggs, American rapper and hip hop producer, professionally known as RZA
*Robert Donat, Academy Award Actor
*Robert Downey Jr., American actor
*Robert Duvall , American actor
*Bob Dylan, American musician (born Robert Allen Zimmerman)
*Bob Bryar, American drummer for My Chemical Romance. (born Robert Nathaniel Corey Bryar)
*Robert Englund, American actor best known for his portrayal of horror character Freddy Krueger
*Robert Evans, Film Producer
*Robert Forster, American actor
*Robert Frost, American poet
*Robert Prince, American poet and manga artist
*Robert Goulet, singer
*Robert Guillaume, actor
*Robert Halford, Lead singer for Judas Priest
*Robert Hass, American poet
*Robert A. Heinlein, late German-American science fiction author
*Robert Herrick, a British poet
*Robert Herrick, an American fiction writer
*Robert Hooks, American actor N.Y.P.D.
*Robert Iler, American actor The Sopranos
*Robert Irvine, British celebrity chef and former host of "Dinner: Impossible"
*Robert Johnson, an influential American blues singer and songwriter
*Robert Kelly, American singer known as R Kelly
*Robert Klein, American comic
*Robby Krieger, The Doors guitarist
*Robert Lansing, actor
*Robert Sean Leonard, actor
*Robert Lindsay, British actor
* [ Robert Loraine] (1876-1935) actor-aviator
*Robert Lowe, American actor
*Robert Ludlum, American fiction author
*Robert Nesta Marley, musician better known as Bob Marley
*Robert Merrill, opera singer
*Robert Merwald, opera singer
*Robert McCormick, Australian drummer
*Robert Duncan McNeill, American actor, producer, movie director, and television director who is best known for his role as Lieutenant Tom Paris on the television show, ""
*Robert Miles
*Robert Mitchum American actor
*Roberto Miura, fictional character from the "Rival Schools" video game universe
*Robert Moog, electronic music synthesizer and pioneer
*Robert Morse, American actor
*Robert Morley, British Actor
*Robert Novak, columnist and writer
*Robert Palmer, English rock singer best known for the song "Addicted to Love"
*Robert Pastorelli actor
*Robert Pattinson actor
*Robert Picardo, American actor
*Robert Plant, singer and songwriter; lead vocalist for the band Led Zeppelin
*Robert Preston, American actor
*Robert Reed, actor "The Brady Bunch"
*Robert Redford, American actor
*Robert Ripley, "Ripley's Believe it or Not"
*Robert Rodriguez,film maker
*Roberto Rossellini, Italian Director
*Robert Ryan, actor
*Robert Schimmel, comic
*Robert Schumann, German composer
*Robert Shaw, actor, "Jaws", "The Sting"
*Robert Sheckley, American author
*Robert B. Sherman, American songwriter
*Robert Smith (musician), vocalist and songwriter for the rock group The Cure
*Robert Louis Stevenson, novelist, poet
*Robert Taylor, American actor
*Robert Thomas, singer known as Rob Thomas
*Robert Townsend, actor and film maker
*Robert Trujillo, Bassist for Metallica
*Robert Urich, American actor
*Robert Vaughn, American actor
*Robert Wagner, American actor
*Robert Warwick, character actor in silent and talkies
*Robert Webb, British actor and comedian
*Robert Williams, English pop star, more commonly known as "Robbie Williams"
*Robert Wise, director and producer
*Robert Hewitt Wolfe, American television producer and scriptwriter
*Robert Young, American actor "Father Knows Best", "Marcus Welby, M.D."
*Robert Zemeckis, film director and producer


*Robert Allenby, Australian golfer
*Roberto Alomar, baseball player
*Roberto Andino, Puerto Rican boxer
*Roberto Carlos da Silva, Brazilian football (soccer) player
*Roberto Baggio, Italian football (soccer) player
*Robert Bartko, German road and track cyclist
*Roberto Beshe, Palestinian football (soccer) player
*Robert Brazile, 1970s all decade team NFL linebacker
*Roberto Calcaterra, Italian water polo player
*Roberto Clemente, Puerto Rican baseball player for whom the team owner named his champion racehorse Roberto (horse)
*Robert Conway, professional wrestler
*Rob Dibble, baseball player and sports analyst
*Roberto Donadoni, Former Italian football (soccer) player and head coach of the Italian national team
*Roberto Duran, boxer
*Roberto Ferrari, Italian high jumper
*Robert Fick, baseball player
*Robbie Fowler, English football (soccer) player,
*Robert Gesink, Dutch cyclist
*Robert Grondelaers (1933-1989), Belgian cyclist
*Roberto Hernandez, baseball player,
*Robert Horry, American professional basketball player
*Robert Horstink, Dutch volleyball player
*Robert Iarusci, Canadian/Italian professional soccer player
*Robert Ihly, German race walker
*Robert Booker Tio Huffman, American professional wrestler
*Robert Hull, Canadian-born hockey player
*Robert Jones (American football), former pro bowl football player for the Dallas Cowboys
*Robert Karlsson, Swedish golfer
*Roberto Kelly, baseball player
*Robert Knievel motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel
*Robbie Knievel, motorcycle daredevil son of Evel Knievel
*Robert Kubica, Polish Formula One driver
*Roberto Lopes, Brazilian beach volleyball player
*Roberto Luongo, Canadian ice hockey player
*Roberto Machusso, Brazilian judoka
*Roberto Mancini, Italian manager of F.C Internazionale Milano
*Robert Oliver, New Zealand road and track cyclist
*Robert Orr, Canadian-born hockey player
*Robert Pires, French footballer
*Robert Parish, American professional basketball player
*Robert Porcher, Former Detroit Lions defensive stand out
*Robert Prosinecki, Former Croatian football (soccer) player
*Robert Reid (basketball) (1955- ), American basketball player
*Robbie Savage, Welsh footballer
*Robert Remus, former pro wrestler Sgt. Slaughter
*Robert Smith (football player), former standout running back for the Minnesota Vikings
*Robert Szatkowski, professional wrestler under the name Rob Van Dam
*Robby Thompson, baseball player, 2nd baseman San Francisco Giants
*Robert de Wit, Dutch decathlete and bobsledder
*Robert Witschge, Dutch footballer
*((Robert Hider)), famous tennis player in Bahrain
*Robert van der Zant, Australian medley swimmer


*Robert Atkins (nutritionist), Creator of the famous Atkins Diet.
*Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, soldier, writer and founder of the world Scouting movement
*Robert Browning, British poet
*Robert Boyle, Famous Irish-born Scientist responsible for Boyle's Law
*Roberto Cavalli, Fashion Designer
*Robert William Fisher, alleged murderer listed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
*Robert Ford (outlaw), the man who shot Jesse James
*Robert Fulton, Inventor of the Steamship
*Robert Hooke, Famous British Scientist, best known for Hooke's Law
*Robert L. Johnson , Founder of BET network, owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. first African American billionaire
*Robert Morris (financier) (1734–1806), financier of the American Revolution and signatory of three important founding documents of the United States. Robert Morris University college is named after him.
*Robert Moses, city planner and architect
*Robert Nozick, Polish-American Philosopher
*Robert Oppenheimer, German-American nuclear physicist, regarded as the "Father of the Atomic Bomb"
*Robert Pickton, Canadian accused of multiple murders
*Robert Scoble, technology blogger.
*Robert Shapiro, lawyer
*Robert Spencer, American writer on Islam
*Robert Spencer (disambiguation)
*Robert Swirsky, pianist and computer scientist
*Robert La Salle, French explorer


*Alain Robert, French rock and urban climber
*Hubert Robert, French painter
*Laurent Robert, French footballer
*Paul Robert, French lexicographer

:"see also Roberts (surname)"


*Robert College of Istanbul
*Robert Gordon University of Scotland

See also

*Robertson, Roberts,
*.257 Roberts
*Roger, Rodger


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