Rosetta (band)

Rosetta (band)
Background information
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Post-metal, sludge metal, shoegazing, avant-garde
Years active 2003–present
Labels Translation Loss
Michael Armine
David Grossman
Bruce McMurtrie Jr.
J. Matthew Weed

Rosetta is an American post-metal band from Philadelphia incorporating elements of post-hardcore,[1] shoegazing, drone, post-rock, avant-garde, and ambient, with influences as diverse as Neurosis and Isis,[2] My Bloody Valentine, Frodus, and Stars of the Lid.[3] The band somewhat humorously self-describes its music as "metal for astronauts," and its members are very interested in astronomy and space travel.[3][4] While Rosetta members have repeatedly expressed frustration and disapproval for the term post-metal,[5][6][7] the band is generally considered one of the preeminent artists in the genre today.[citation needed]



Rosetta's members all were acquaintances in high school, and had played in various bands until they decided to play a last minute gig on August 20, 2003, after only three practice sessions, and improvised the entire show. Following this, they proceeded to write more songs, play more shows, and eventually record a four-song demo album,[3] which picked up interest from Translation Loss Records.

Their debut album, The Galilean Satellites, featured two separate hour-long discs (one of more metal-oriented music, and one of ambience) that synchronize together. Although originally intended to be one disc of metal tracks sandwiched by ambient ones, the band had enough material to cover two discs.[3]

The band's second release, Project Mercury, a split with Balboa, was released April 24, 2007. After a full United States tour in July, the band's second full-length album, entitled Wake/Lift, was released on October 2, again through Translation Loss. The release of Wake/Lift was accompanied by selected United States touring and followed by a June 2008 Australian tour.

In 2009, the band released a 3-way split EP on vinyl only with Year of No Light and East of the Wall. One song called "Homesick" (a cover originally by The Cure) is available on the band's Myspace. A European tour followed in June of the same year.

Rosetta's third full-length album, named A Determinism of Morality, was released on May 25, 2010, to near universal critical acclaim,[8][not in citation given] and was followed in the summer by the band's first full U.S. tour in three years. In October, the band released a split LP with Philadelphia band Restorations, on Cavity Records, featuring a previously unreleased track which had been recorded in December 2007.


The band's name does not come from the Rosetta Stone, but was chosen rather for its femininity and beauty.[7] It is also, incidentally, the Latin name of a nebula in Monoceros, the name of a satellite used to study comets, and an orbit type.




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