Topic outline of life extension

Topic outline of life extension

:"For a more comprehensive list, see the List of life extension-related topics."

Life extension, also called biomedical gerontology, is the science dedicated to understanding the processes of aging and to developing ways of slowing them down or reversing them. The goals of life extension include increasing both average and maximum lifespan, especially of humans. Existing methods are nutritionally and pharmaceutically based, while research is conducted across a wide spectrum of strategies, from nutrition to genetic engineering to cryonics.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to life extension:

Essence of life extension

: "Main article: Life extension"

* Anti-aging
* Gerontology
* Longevity
* Rejuvenation

Strategies of life extension

Available strategies

* Anti-aging nutritional supplementation and medicine
** Anti-oxidants (biopreservatives)
* Calorie restriction
* Exercise

Potential future strategies

* Cryonics
* Genetic therapies
** Cloning and body part replacement
** Cell replacement therapies (CRT)
* SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence)
* Mind uploading
* Suspended animation

History of life extension

: "Main article: History of life extension and the life extension movement"

Basic life extension concepts

Causes of aging

* Free radicals
* Glycation

Life extension leaders and scholars

* Aubrey de Grey
* William Faloon
* Leonard Hayflick
* Saul Kent
* Durk Pearson
* Sandy Shaw
* Roy Walford
* Michael D. West

Life extension lists

: "Main article: List of life extension-related topics"

See also

External links

* [ American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine]
* [ Aging Research Centre]
* [ Aubrey de Grey: 'We will be able to live to 1,000']
* [ Kurzweil Biomed/Life Extension News]
* [ Life Extension Foundation web site]
* [ Longevity Meme]
* [ Mechanisms of Aging]
* [ Ouroboros Anti-Aging Research News] Written by scientists for scientists
* [] A gerontologist's website on aging and life-extension
* [ Vitae Institute] non-profit for developing life-extension technology through basic research

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