"vMigo" is handheld video game released in 2006 by Jakks Pacific.It is a game in which you have to keep your dogs happy and healthy. There are two versions of vMigo dogs at the moment; Labrador and Chihuahua.


"vMigo" is a virtual pet game in which the player adopts and cares for one or more virtual dogs. The handset uses a black and white screen with a D-pad and buttons in a similar arrangement to the Game Boy, along with a Help button.

An optional docking system, sold separately or bundled, allows the handset to be connected to a television. This allows the player to interact with their pets in color, on a larger display, and includes more features and minigames. A infrared mode also allows up to two players to link their handsets together.

There are two versions of the handset; a "Chihuahua" set which allows the player to own a chihuahua, puggle (pug and beagle mix) and black labrador, and a "Golden Retriever" set which includes a golden retriever, german shepherd and yorkshire terrier. These are also included on Nintendogs in 2005.

Each set comes with a belt clip (used for 'Walk mode') and set of stickers for decorating the handset.


"vMigo" allows a player to own up to three dogs. Gameplay involves looking after each dog, keeping up its 'moods' (Hunger, Thirst, Toilet, Entertained, Bravery, Cleanliness, etc), entering the player's pets into three different events; visiting vets, salons, stores, kennels and trainers; exploring a town for buried treasure and the infrared multiplayer games.

A built-in pedometer ('Walk mode') rewards the player for walking their dogs with 'Pet Points', which allows the player to buy items for their virtual dog. The pedometer uses the belt clip and tracks the players actual physical steps (with ten steps awarding one Pet Point.)

The vMigo website shows that a 'Cats' version will soon be available. Cats will come out the fall of 2007 and will cost the same as the vmigo dog. The 'Cats' version include Tabby Cats, Persians, & Maine Coons.

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