The Media Merchants

The Media Merchants

The Media Merchants Television Company Ltd. was established in 1992 by Neil Buchanan and Tim Edmunds who both work as producers on the various programmes that The Media Merchants produces for the ITV network.


When TVS lost its ITV franchise, both Neil and Tim purchased the rights to the programme "Art Attack", both Neil and Tim created the idea for the show, and formed a limited company in order to become a major player in children's TV. The Media Merchants was based at The Maidstone Studios, Maidstone, Kent (were the show was filmed) with offices housing the various productions that they produce at the studios.


Many programmes have been made by The Media Merchants:
*"Animal Crazy"
*"Art Attack"
*"It's a Mystery?"
*"Quids In!"
*"Terror Towers"
*"You'll Believe it!"


Most of the music used for those programmes was composed by Peter Miller and Ian Porter, always credited as Mr Miller & Mr Porter. []

HIT Entertainment

The Media Merchants and Television Support Services merged prior to a takeover by Britt Allcroft's Gullane Entertainment which was, in turn taken over by HIT Entertainment.

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