Origin Edition

Origin Edition
Origin Edition
Studio album by Suburban Legends
Released 1999
Genre Third wave ska
Length 56:37
Label Lobster Girl Records
Suburban Legends chronology
Bomb Squad EP
Origin Edition
Suburban Legends

Origin Edition is the first album of the third-wave ska band Suburban Legends. It was released in 1999 in Los Angeles, California as a CD to sell at early shows of the band. It is considered a fun demo to many because of the recording quality album and because it was burned from a computer and the artwork was photocopied. There are few copies in existence (although it can be found on the internet) and it is highly sought after by Suburban Legends fans.

The CD was reissued for one night as a tribute to Dallas Cook on November 29, 2005 at Huntington Beach High School for a benefit show for the Ryan Dallas Cook Memorial Fund. Inside a message read:

"In Spring of 1999, Ryan Cook borrowed a copy of this CD from Sharon Chin and burned a couple hundred copies for Suburban Legend's first album, 'Origin Edition'. The CDs were burned on a computer and the artwork was photocopied at kinko's. Before anyone had a chance to take it all in, Suburban Legends became one of Orange County's most adored independent bands. A number of line-up changes, some national and world tours and a few recordings later, Suburban Legends still maintain their integrity as a marching band bred, Xbox playing group of hometown guys.

This week, once again, we borrowed Sharon's pristine copy of Origin Edition. 100 copies have been burned and the artwork photocopied at kinkos. Tonight, Suburban Legends have brought it all right back home to the HBHS Auditorium and the story comes full circle. Thank you for joining in this event and for purchasing this CD. All proceeds will go directly to the Ryan Dallas Cook memorial fund, which in turn will benefit the HBHS Marching Band.

Ryan, we miss you and love you. We'll surely meet again."

The CD features a progressing story on the 'interval' tracks that continues as the CD goes on. Tracks "Don Juan" and "Alternative is Dead" are early versions of the same songs that appear on the self-titled EP. "Brian and Vince Experience" is a joke rap between Brian Klemm and Vince Walker.

Origin Edition was the first and last CD to feature Justin Meacham on bass guitar. He, along with past Suburban Legends drummer, Jimmy Sullivan went on to create the band Avenged Sevenfold.

The guitar on Origin Edition was played by Vince Walker, then trumpet player of the band. Old guitarist Brent Figue had parted ways with the band shortly before the recording of the album and new guitar player, Brian Klemm did not know the songs well enough to record them yet.

Track listing

  1. "Interval 1" (1:27)
  2. "Me and You" (3:22)
  3. "Interval 2" (0:45)
  4. "Da Bomb" (2:32)
  5. "Interval 3" (1:07)
  6. "Don Juan" (3:22)
  7. "Interval 4" (0:34)
  8. "Car 54" (3:15)
  9. "Interval 5" (0:25)
  10. "El Corona" (3:58)
  11. "Interval 6" (3:41)
  12. "Alternative is Dead" (2:50)
  13. "Interval 7" (1:22)
  14. "Waikiki" (3:26)
  15. "Interval 8" (1:06)
  16. "Gummi Bears" (3:04)
  17. "Interval 9" (0:22)
  18. "Brian and Vince Experience" (1:50)
  19. "Interval 10" (18:09)


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