Teen Titans (console game)

Teen Titans (console game)

The second Teen Titans video game based on the Teen Titans animated series made for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox. It also features the five main Titans from the animated series. The bosses include Plasmus, Mumbo, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Cinderblock, Overload, Ternion, and Slade.


The Titans receive a video game in the mail, one that is starring them. When Cyborg and Beast Boy try to play it, they all get placed in the video game's world. They go through various levels as they try to figure out how to return home.

After the Titans fight off most of the villains, Slade reveals himself, making Robin suspect that he sent the video game to them. However, once the Titans catch Slade, they find that he's a program like everything else. The Master of Games then reveals himself as the mastermind behind all the bosses, but, after the Titans capture him, they find that he did not trap them in his world. In the end, the player is the "villain".

Main Characters

"Robin":The most agile of the titans. His melee attacks consist of punches and sticks. His ranged attack is the "Birdarang". He has a double jump.

"Cyborg":His melee attacks consist of punches and his ranged attack is the "Sonic Cannon". His super attack makes him move fast while barging through enemies as he goes along.

"Raven": The all-around titan. Her melee attacks consist of close-range blows and strikes. Her ranged attacks are based of Telekinesis. Her Titanic attack can cover a whole room, her 'Shadow of Azarath' attack is a combo but can also feature in her titanic attack and in her 'O' charge.

"Starfire":The ranged titan. Her melee attacks are punches and her ranged attacks consist of the strong "Star Bolts". The Starbolts are very strong and deal a lot of damage. She can shoot them quickly enough so that an enemy would be knocked out in an instance.

"Beast Boy":The unique titan. His melee attacks consist of simple punches while his ranged attacks are based on transformation. He has no projectile attacks (except when he turns into a monkey and throws bananas and a werewolf with a strong breath).

Combos and Charges

Charges are super moves the titans do. The buttons for charges are X,Y, and A (to use charges you must hold the buttons). You lose a charge from your charge meter if you use it, but you can gain it back by fighting villains. Combos are like charges, but they last forever. The comobos start off in the first level as AAY, but later they get AAX, AAB, and AYA. AYA is the powerful combo (the word "super" comes up when a titan does AYA). AYA combos vary after you complete certaint levels, just like charges.

Voice Talent

*Scott Menville as Robin, Red X
*Khary Payton as Cyborg
*Tara Strong as Raven
*Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
*Hynden Walch as Starfire
*Ron Perlman as Slade
*Lauren Tom as Jinx, Gizmo
*Kevin Michael Richardson as Mammoth, Trigon
*Dee Bradley Baker as Cinderblock, Plasmus, Ternion
*Tom Kenny as Mumbo Jumbo
*Jim Cummings as Master of Games, Wildebeest
*Mike Erwin as Speedy
*Ashley Johnson as Terra
*Bumper Robinson as Hotspot
*T'Keyah Keymah as Bumble Bee
*Greg Ellis as Mad Mod
*Rodger Bumpass as Dr. Light
*Will Friedle as Fang
*Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak

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