List of Guardians of Time Trilogy characters

List of Guardians of Time Trilogy characters

This is a list of charactes in the Guardians of Time Trilogy. All are fictional characters and can be generally divided by whether they are immortals, tribunal members, members of the Guard, or members of the Order.


There are initially four immortals in the series (although one doesn't know it). In The Key, Neriah is made immortal by Matt.


Dartemis is known to some as a magician of Legend, thought to be nothing more than Myth, or someone long dead. He was the youngest of the Immortal Triplets, while Lorian and Lathenia fought for first place, he remained content to come out third. Although he was the one who was supposed to be the first born, he chose peace instead. The other two knew that he had great power, and therefore they both wanted him on their side. Lorian won him over, and convinced him to hide out until the time was right for him to make an entrance. Lathenia thought that Lorian had killed Dartemis so that she couldn't use his power. Until the end of Key, he remains in his palace outside of the Universe and outside of time, the only place Lathenia wouldn't be able to sense her brother.


Lathenia is the leader of the Order of Chaos. She rules from her palace of crystal and ice, as her weakness is fire, which although it cannot kill her, will hurt her. She is the soul-mate of Marduke, and vows to avenge him when she sees what his time in the Middle Realm, caused by Ethan, did to him.


Lorian is the head of the Guardians of Time, and the Tribunal. He was the first-born of two immortals; Lathenia and Dartemis are his siblings. Although he was born a man, he chose to remain genderless, in order that he may make unbiased decisions. It is implied that he harbours a secret love for Lady Arabella. He secretly fathered Arkarian in an attempt to create a new Immortal.


Matthew "Matt" Becket grew up in Angel Falls believing that he was normal, born to two human parents. He was physically abused by his "father" as a young child, who left when he was little because he claimed he "could not live with the lie", which was that he wasn't Matt's biological father. Matt's long term girlfriend, Rochelle, turned out to be Marduke's spy, and even after she switches alliances to the Guard, he finds it difficult to forgive her for pretending to love him. When he is brought into the world of the Guard, and becomes Ethan's apprentice, he has no Powers and even after a year of training none develop. This leads him to think that he is a failure, and isn't Named, even though the prophecy says that he will lead them.In The Key he finds out he is actually immortal and thus finds one of his skills, truthseeing. he then leaves Earth to visit his birth father, Dartemis, to learn the ways of immortality. At Neriah's Initiation, he gives her the Gift of Immortality that is given to him by his father so he need not be alone in his long life.

Matt is one of the 2 narrators of The Key.


Neriah is Marduke's daughter. She was sent into hiding along with her mother after Marduke became a traitor, and joined the Order. She is very beautiful, and both Matt and Dillon fall for her. Matt promises Dillon that he will not proceed with his feelings, but after he realises that Neriah is his soul-mate, and he gives her the power of immortality, he realises he cannot keep his promise. Neriah was Ethan's third apprentice, but she had grown up to screen her thoughts, and already knew her powers, (shape-shifting and creating real life things by drawing/painting, she was also given the ability to talk to animals by Queen Brystianne at her initiation and the ability of truthseeing by Lorain), so training her was no hard task.

Tribunal members

The Tribunal is the governing body of the Guard. They are responsible for initiating new members into the Guard, deciding on important issues, and rendering judgements cases such as power abuse, etc. Each represents a house, has a sector of the Earth to watch over, and an army of Named.

Lady Devine

Leader of the House of Divinity.


Leader of the House of Kavanah.

Queen Brystianne

Leader of the House of Averil.

ir Syford

Leader of the House of Syford.


Leader of the House of Isle.

Lord Alexandon

Leader of the House of Criers.

Lady Arabella

Leader if the House of Sky and Water. Lady Arabella is kind to animals and cares for them. In the The Key, it is revealed that Lady Arabella loved Lorian. She was wrongfully accused of being a traitor by Matt when she was found caring for birds that were actually Neriah's missing dogs Silos and Aysher. Arabella also helped to transport Ethan, Matt, and Isabel to the Underworld.

Lord Penbarin

Leader of theHouse of Samartyne. He helped Ethan in a lot of situations, including transporting Ethan, Matt, and Isabel to the Underworld. He was one of the allies Lorian took with him on his meeting with Lathenia in The Key.

King Richard

Leader of the House of Veridian. Once King Richard II of England, he was brought to Athens by Ethan, which fulfilled part of the prophecy. He was the last Tribunal member to be found. In the Key, he was Lorian's spy and pretended to be the lover of Lathenia.


"Located in the "Immortals" section

Members of The Guard

We know that there are thousands of both the Guard and the Order of Chaos, but only a few in the book are depicted by name. Characters are listed by their allegiances at the end of the trilogy


Arkarian is the son of Lorian. He has violet eyes and vibrant blue hair. He is not an Immortal, but has certain powers which an Immortal can use, for example he opens a rift between the Underworld, and Earth. Arkarian was born in France to the daughter of a Lord, but grew up in poverty. When he entered the guard, at age 18, he was given the power of Agelessness, and spent the next 200 years under the Apprenticeship of Lorian. Later in life, he was supposed to be the mentor for Sera, but after her murder he had to take the responsibility of Training Ethan, a job initially intended for Ethan's father, Shaun, because of his withdraw from the guard. He discovers that he is Isabel's soul-mate, after he saves her from the Middle Realm. He later pursues a romantic relationship, much to the annoyance of Matt. Power: Materialization & agelessness


Dillon Kirby first belonged to the Order as a highly classed soldier under Lathenia. As a child, Dillon spent most of his time alone as his parents were alcoholics which fueled Dillon's dark desires. Though Dillon (who Lathenia referred to as Bastian) wishes he would have been chosen to join the Guard. Dillon helps Arkarian after he is left as bait in the temple on Obsidian Island. After their escape, he is debriefed, and joins the Named. Dillon's surname is listed as Kirby in the Named, but it later becomes Sinclair. Power: Super strength


Ethan Roberts was Arkarian's Apprentice, and Trained Isabel, Matt and Neriah. When he was younger, he and Matt were best friends, but when Rochelle arrived they grew apart. He sensed, as did she, that they were soul-mates, but they do not get together until the end of the Key. Power: To animate objects & make illusions


Isabel Becket is Matt's half-sister. She spent her childhood following Matt, Ethan and their friends around, partially because she had a crush on Ethan, and partially because she was into boyish things. She was Ethan's first Apprentice, she was physically fit, but needed help to use her powers. The Tribunal paired her up with Ethan, as it was known they were a good team. Later, she went on a mission with Arkarian, and they then start to pursue a relationship. She is awarded the Power of Agelessness, after Arkarian offers to give up his in order to live a normal life with her. Powers: Healing & Visions.


Jimmy is Named and selected by the immortal Dartemis to be the "protector" of his love, Matt and Isabel's mum, and his son, Matt. Jimmy is Matt and Isabel's mother's boyfriend during their time on earth. He also created the booby traps that surround the city of Veridian. His skills prove quite useful and he is granted with the highest access of security. He is also one of the most trusted members of the Guard. Powers: To create powerful traps and unlock anything.


Rochelle Thallimar was Marduke's spy. As a child she was beaten by her father. She was sent in to break up the friendship between Matt and Ethan as part of Marduke's revenge against Ethan's father, Shaun. She had feelings for Ethan, but knew that she had to go out with Matt, so she ignored her feelings. She spent the years following pretending to love Matt, having succeeded in breaking up him and Ethan. She finally left the Order after rescuing Matt from Marduke. While in the Guard not many people trust her, Arkarian was the only person to trust her initially. After Lorian gives her a Power that makes her a target to the traitor, she has a curse laid on her, that anyone who kills her will turn to stone by sunset. After some time of flirting back and forth, her and Ethan get together at the end of the Key; but she makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her love by jumping in front of a poisoned tip arrow that was meant for Ethan. It is unknown whether she went to the Heavenly realm, if so she can properly be contacted by Matt. Powers: Truthseering, sight through touch, & the ability to see someones moral.


Shaun is the father of Ethan and Sera. He was once an honored member of the Guard and the Named. His partner and best friend Marduke fell in love with a woman in the past who was supposed to die. Marduke went against orders and laws to save the woman, altering the future. Shaun and Marduke's long dispute ended in Shaun severely disfiguring Marduke's face. In order to save his children from Marduke's revenge, Shaun took it upon himself to leave the Guard. He returns later as he finds out about Ethan's training with the Guard and takes his rightful place within the prophecy's fulfillment. Power: Unknown

Members of the Order


Keziah is the dark wizard, ancient, kept alive by Lathenia who uses him to bid her will.


Marduke was Shaun's partner in the guard, until he became traitor and left to join the Order. He became obsessed with both revenge upon Shaun, and his Family. He wanted to find his wife, who stole their child Neriah to save her from his wickedness, though he never wanted to kill Neriah. He began an affair with the Immortal, Lathenia, which continued even after his death and severe mutilation in the middle world, though it was implied that Lathenia was 'seeing' king Richard when he was sent in as a spy.

Mr Carter

Marcus Carter was at first a selected member of the Named, controlling navigation throughout the citadel. He is also Ethan, Isabel, Rochelle, and Dillon's history teacher. Ethan immediately has a bad vibe about him, though he and Ethan have never really gotten along to begin with.

At the end of The Key it is revealed that Mr. Carter is in fact Marduke's brother, Neriah's uncle, and a loyal member to the Order. He is last seen trapped in the Underworld, pursued by demons of the Underworld after attempting to throw Rochelle to a similar fate.

A number of continuity errors exist around Mr. Carter's betrayal of the Guard. No explanation is given as to how he could be Marduke's brother when Marduke is at least 600 years his senior. Nor is it explained how he managed transportation between worlds without the aid of an immortal.-the answer to this is, he is ageless, as is Marduke and is a high ranked soldier in the order thus can open portals.



John was a wren in the underworld. He was stuck there after he murdered his wife and himself. Unlike other wrens he has a conscience, and offers help to Ethan, Matt and Isabel when they travel to the underworld. In Key he is shown in the lowest level of the Heavenly realm.

Mrs Becket

Coral Becket Mothered both Matt and Isabel, her relationship with Matt's father was cut off when he wiped her memory and left to reside in his palace at the edge of the Universe. After Isabel's father left, she met Jimmy, who was secretly sent by the guard to protect her and her family. She knows nothing about the guard.

Mrs Roberts

Laura Roberts is the wife of Shaun, and mother to Ethan and Sera. After her daughter's death, she became reclusive and depressed, and even after her husband's recovery her condition continued to worsen. Unbeknown to the others on Earth, this was caused by Sera trying to contact her mother, through dreams and thoughts. After Sera was freed from the underworld, she began to recover. She knows nothing about the Guard.


Sera was the older sister of Ethan, and the daughter of Shaun and Mrs Roberts. After being killed by Marduke, she taught herself how to control her one of her skills in the underworld (as her spirit was trapped). She used her paranormal skills to send messages to her mother and Ethan. In 'The Dark' she helped Arkarian survive by bringing him food and sheltering him. She also contacted and guided Isabel, Ethan, and Matt while they were searching for Arkiarian in the Underworld. Her spirit crossed over to the heavenly realm along with John Wren's at the end of "The Dark".

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