Hanson (surname)

Hanson (surname)

Hanson or Hansson is a surname, and may refer to many people.


* Alexander C. Hanson (1786–1819), American politician, Senator from Maryland
* Alf Hanson (1912–1993), British football player
* Ann Meekitjuk Hanson (1946–), Canadian politician, commissioner of Nunavut
* Ann-Louise Hanson (1944–), Swedish singer


* Beverly Hanson (1925–), American golfer
* Bo Hansson (1943–), Swedish musician
* Brad Hanson (1969–), American pornographic actor
* Brooke Hanson (1978–), Australian swimmer and Olympic gold medal winner


* Sir Charles Hanson, 1st Baronet, British MP and Lord Mayor of London
* Sir Charles Hanson, 2nd Baronet (1874–1958), British politician
* Chris Hanson (1976–), American football player
* Christian Hanson (1981–), British football player
* Curtis Hanson (1945–), American film director


* Dave Hanson (1954–), American hockey player
* David Hanson (1957–), British politician, MP from Delyn, Wales
* David Hanson (contemporary), American sculptor and robotics researcher
* David R. Hanson (contemporary), American software engineer
* David J. Hanson (1941–), American sociologist
* David H. Hansson (1979–), Danish programmer
* David Paul Hanson (1950–), American musician
* Duane Hanson (1925–1996), American sculptor


* Einar Hanson (1899–1927), Swedish film actor
* Erik Hanson (1965–), American baseball player


* Frederick Hanson (late 20th century), Australian Commissioner of the New South Wales Police 1972–1976
* Fritz Hanson (1914–1996), American-born Canadian football player


* Glen Hanson, Canadian cartoonist and illustrator


* Harold Hanson (1904–1973), South African politician
* Hart Hanson, creator of Bones (TV Series)
* Howard Hanson (1896–1981), American composer, conductor and educator
* Hamza Yusuf Hanson - American Muslim Scholar and director of the Zaytuna Institute California


* Isaac Hanson (1980–), American pop/rock musician


* Jimmy Hanson (1904– [?] ), English football player
* James Hanson, Baron Hanson (1922–2004), English industrialist
* Jane Hanson (1955–), American television host
* Jason Hanson (1970–), American professional football player
* Jeff Hanson (1978–), American singer-songwriter
* Jennifer Hanson (1974–), American country singer
* Joel Hanson (contemporary), American singer and guitarist
* John Hanson (19th century), Liberian politician
* John Hanson (1715–1783), American delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland; John Hanson (myths)
* John Hanson (1920–1998), Canadian singer and actor
* John Hanson (1922–), British rock artist and composer
* John Hanson, also known as John Stag Hanson (1942–), American cinematographer and movie director


* Katherine Hanson
* Kristine Hanson (1951–), American Playboy Playmate and television weather person
* Kristy Hanson (1981–), American singer-songwriter


* Lars Hanson (1886-1965), Swedish stage and film actor
* Linda N. Hanson, President of Hamline University


* Marcy Hanson (1952–), American Playboy Playmate and actress
* Margus Hanson (1958–), Estonian politician
* Mark Hanson (1946–), Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
* Marla Hanson (1962–), American screenwriter and ex-model
* Matt Hanson (1971–), American author, film producer and film director


* Norwood Russell Hanson (1925–1967), American philosopher


* Ole Hanson (1874–1940), American real estate developer and politician


* Paul D. Hanson (1939&ndash), American biblical scholar
* Pauline Hanson (1954–), Australian politician and television personality
* Per Albin Hansson (1885–1946), Prime Minister of Sweden
* Peter Hanson (1971–), Swedish golfer
* Peter Hansson, Swedish heavy metal guitarist


* Ray Hanson
* Sir Reginald Hanson (1840-1905), Lord Mayor of London, MP
* Richard Hanson (1805–1876), British-Australian chief justice of South Australia
* Richard Hanson (Australian politician)
* Richard Hanson (1879–1948), Canadian politician
* Robert Hanson
* Robert M. Hanson
* Robin Hanson (contemporary), American professor of economics
* Roger Hanson

* Sam Hanson an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.
* Sharon Hanson an American heptathlete
* Sven Hansson a Swedish cross country skier.
* Sven Ove Hansson a Swedish academic, philosopher, author and skeptic.


* Taylor Hanson (1983–), American pop/rock musician
* Travis Hanson


* Vic Hanson
* Victor Hanson (1953–), American military historian and political essayist


* Zachary Hanson (1985–), American pop/rock musician

Fictional people

*Tori Hanson, Wind Rangers character in the Power Rangers universe

ee also

*Hansen (including Hanssen)

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