Flagstone is a type of flat stone, usually used for paving slabs, but also for making fences or roofing. It may also be used for making memorials or headstones in a cemetery. It also refers to Pennsylvania Bluestone, a stone from northeastern Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. This is a sedimentary rock which is cut or split in layers for walkways and patios. It contains feldspar which gives it the blue color. Flagstone is a sandstone which makes the rock essentially quartz. The material that binds flagstone is usually composed of silica, calcium, or iron oxide. The color of the rock usually comes from the cementing material. Typical colors of flagstone are red, blue, buff, and there are exotic colors like chocolate. It is often used for patios, walkways, steps, fences, housing, fireplaces, and many construction projects.

Flagstones in the Middle Ages

Interior rooms of castles and other structures often used flagstones as flooring materials. Numerous examples of buildings in Europe may be found that have surviving rooms of this form. For example, Lindisfarne Castle in England and Muchalls Castle (14th century) in Scotland have such flooring components.

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