Beer cocktail

Beer cocktail
A shot glass containing Midori was dropped into a glass of shandy, making a fairly potent beer cocktail.

A beer cocktail is a cocktail that is made by mixing beer with a distilled beverage. In this type of cocktail, the primary ingredient is beer. A mixture of beer with a beverage that does not contain distilled alcohol is called a shandy.

List of beer cocktails

  • Alcoholic Dr Pepper - Lager, cola and amaretto (thus mimicking the flavour of Dr Pepper).
  • Black Velvet - Stout with some sparkling wine or champagne.
  • Boilermaker — Beer served with a shot of whiskey, tequila, or vodka.
  • Flaming Dr Pepper — An alcoholic cocktail that does not contain any Dr Pepper soft drink.
  • Gentleman - A shot of 151-proof rum dropped into a glass of stout.
  • Gose mit Kummellikor A shot of Caraway spirit in a glass of Gose beer (popular in Leipzig).
  • Hangman's BloodPorter combined with brandy, gin, and rum.
  • Irish Car Bomb — Irish stout with a mixed shot of Irish Cream and Irish whiskey.
  • Lunchpail -- Beer mixed with OJ and Amaretto.
  • Michelada — Beer mixed with lemon juice, salt, Worcestershire sauce, Maggi, and Valentina hot sauce.
  • Porchcrawler — Equal parts of beer, vodka, and lemonade concentrate.
  • Sake Bomb — A shot of sake poured or dropped into a glass of beer.
  • U-Boot — A glass of beer with a shot of vodka dropped in.

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