Wrestling at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's freestyle heavyweight

Wrestling at the 1904 Summer Olympics - Men's freestyle heavyweight

The heavyweight was the heaviest freestyle wrestling weight class held as part of the Wrestling at the 1904 Summer Olympics programme. It was the first time the event, like all other freestyle wrestling events, was held in Olympic competition. It was held on Friday, October 14, 1904 and on Saturday, October 15, 1904.

Five wrestlers, all from the United States, competed.

Heavyweights could be over 71.7 kilograms.



Fred Warmbold and William Hennessy were allowed to fight for the bronze medal as they both lost in this tournament against the gold medalist Bernhoff Hansen.

Round8-with third

|flagIOCathlete|Bernhoff Hansen|USA|1904 Summer|W 0:23|flagIOCathlete|Fred Warmbold|USA|1904 Summer|L
|flagIOCathlete|William Hennessy|USA|1904 Summer|–|"Bye"|–
|flagIOCathlete|Joseph Dilg|USA|1904 Summer |–|"Bye"|–
|flagIOCathlete|Frank Kugler|USA|1904 Summer |–|"Bye"|–
|flagIOCathlete|Bernhoff Hansen|USA|1904 Summer |W 5:07|flagIOCathlete|William Hennessy|USA|1904 Summer |L
|flagIOCathlete|Joseph Dilg|USA|1904 Summer |L|flagIOCathlete|Frank Kugler|USA|1904 Summer |W 4:20
|flagIOCathlete|Bernhoff Hansen|USA|1904 Summer |W 2:00|flagIOCathlete|Frank Kugler|USA|1904 Summer |L
|flagIOCathlete|Fred Warmbold|USA|1904 Summer|W|flagIOCathlete|William Hennessy|USA|1904 Summer|L


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