Surreal SaDiablo

Surreal SaDiablo

Surreal SaDiablo is a fictional character in Anne Bishop's the Black Jewels Trilogy. She is the daughter of Titian, the result of her rape by Kartane SaDiablo. She is half Hayllian and half Dea al Mon. She wears Birthright Green and descends to the Gray, after she makes the Offering to the Darkness. Surreal works as a prostitute and as an assassin on the side, giving both professions up, after becoming part of Jaenelle Angelline's family.


Surreal is an attractive slender woman. She has dark skin, long black hair, delicately pointed ears and gold eyes, with a hint of green. She would be capable of passing as Hayllian, were it not for her pointed ears, easily covered up by her hair, or the hint of green in her eyes. She is very capable with a knife and other forms of combat, both physically and psychically.

When hired as an assassin, Surreal is both thorough and subtle. Knowing that the Blood, are more than just flesh and capable of retaining their conscious mind and their ability to wear the Jewels even after their bodies death, Surreal finishes the kill by shattering their Jewels to make sure there is no way to trace a killing back to her. She is often temperamental and not averse to backing her temper up with the power of her Jewels.

Powers, Abilities and the Jewels

As one of the darkest-Jewelled Blood in all the Realms, Surreal is capable of defeating most enemies. Wearing the Gray, is also a large advantage in her profession as an assassin. When carrying out a hit, Surreal is sure to finish the kill, by blasting away the victims mind and shattering their Jewels, with a blast of the Gray.

She often does not wear her jewels or wears her birthright green because they make her clients nervous and she prefers to hide her powers. Even the Red Moon houses she is familiar with assume she wears the green. This proves useful, though, in "Dreams Made Flesh" when thug hired to kidnap her misjudges her strength.

Surreal is adept at performing a particularly powerful death spell. She perfects the spell, by adding a delay to the death of the victim, so as to ensure there is minimal chance of tracing the death to her. Though she is not present for the persons death, she leaves the power of the Gray within the spell, so as when it is triggered, full death is achieved.

She also is familiar with other forms of assassination as her education both formal and informal was paid for by Daemon Sadi, her cousin on her father's side. Her preferred weapon is a stiletto that she can make appear or vanish while maintaining a sightshield on it to make it invisible. She also was seen using poison made from the plant witchblood in the short story "When the Witchblood Blooms" that was printed in a short story collection that is now out of print. The story itself has been reprinted in the 2008 novel Tangled Webs.


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