Brave class fast patrol boat

Brave class fast patrol boat

The "Brave" fast patrol boats were a class of patrol boats that were the last of their type for the Royal Navy (RN) Coastal Forces division.

They followed the "Bold" class boats which were a couple of experimental turbojet powered boats. Only two "Brave"s would be built for the RN but the design was simplified and improved for export sales to West Germany, Denmark (5 of the Søløven class), Greece, Malaysia, Brunei and Libya, and was also the basis for the Scimitar class fast training boat.

Power came from three engines; maritime versions of the Bristol Proteus turboprop, delivering a total of convert|10500|hp|abbr=on. These gave these 100 ft long, 100 ton boats a cruising speed of about convert|40|kn|km/h. Their maximum speed was convert|52|kn|km/h.

They were built to be able to be used as either Motor Torpedo Boats or Motor Gun Boats. For the former role they had a 40 mm Bofors gun, four torpedoes (21 inch diameter) and two depth charges, in the latter two 40 mm guns and two torpedoes.


The two RN craft were both built by Vospers at Porchester

*HMS Brave Borderer (P1011) laid down on 7 January 1958
*HMS Brave Swordsman (P1012) 22 May 1958

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