ER (season 3)

ER (season 3)

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show_name = "ER"
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first_aired = September 26, 1996
last_aired = May 15, 1997
num_episodes = 22
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This article contains a summary of the third season of the American fictional drama television series "ER".

The season first aired on September 26, 1996 and concluded on May 15, 1997. The third season has 22 episodes.


The third season sees the departure of Susan Lewis, who leaves for Phoenix to live with her sister and niece. Before she leaves, Greene realises his feelings for her and races against time to declare his feelings. He makes it to Union Station just as she is boarding the train. He stops her and declares his love, begging her to stay. Susan leaves anyway, but not before kissing Mark and declaring, as the train pulls out of the station, that she loves him too (This declaration was later called into question by Susan in the Season Eight episode "Secrets and Lies"). In the aftermath of her departure, Mark falls into depression and starts sleeping with County General nurse Chuny Marquez, but they soon break up. Later in the season, he is the victim of a violent attack in the hospital bathroom, after which he becomes increasingly paranoid about his personal safety and distances himself from friends and family. Meanwhile, Doug and Carol draw closer, culminating in a kiss at the end of the season. Doug is said to be attending therapy throughout the season, although this is never shown on-screen (Clooney was filming Batman and Robin at the same time, so his storylines were often abbreviated). Carol considers going to medical school, but eventually decides that she loves her work as a nurse too much to change (This decision was in part motivated by Julianna Margulies's opposition to the idea of Carol becoming a doctor; the ER writers eventually used Maura Tierney's Abby Lockhart for this storyline). Carter continues to lock horns with Benton, especially over Benton's treatment of surgical intern Dennis Gant. After Gant commits suicide by jumping in front of the L-train (after which he is taken to County for treatment by Carter and Benton in the ER), Carter blames Peter and himself for not doing more to prevent the action. Benton also starts dating Carla Reese, apparently a former flame, who becomes pregnant and gives birth prematurely at the end of the season. Laura Innes joins the full-time cast as Dr. Kerry Weaver. Her character is supportive of Jeanie, who is forced to reveal her HIV-status early in the season, when Mark gains unauthorized access to her medical records. While Jeanie struggles with her condition, she becomes involved with a doctor from the Infectious Diseases department, before ultimately getting back together with her ex-husband, Al, in the season finale.



tarring cast

* Anthony Edwards as Dr. Mark Greene - Attending Physician
* George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross - Paediatric Resident
* Sherry Stringfield as Dr. Susan Lewis - ER Resident
* Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter - Surgical Intern
* Julianna Margulies as Carol Hathaway - Head Charge Nurse
* Gloria Reuben as PA Jeanie Boulet - Physician Assistant
* Laura Innes as Dr. Kerry Weaver - Attending Physician
* Eriq La Salle as Dr. Peter Benton - Surgical Resident

upporting cast

*William H. Macy as Dr. David Morgenstern
*John Aylward as Dr. Anspaugh
*CCH Pounder as Dr. Angela Hicks
*Jorja Fox as Dr. Maggie Doyle
*Glenne Headly as Dr. Abby Keaton
*Harry J. Lennix as Dr. Greg Fischer
*Jami Gertz as Dr. Nina Pomerantz
*Matthew Glave as Dr. Dale Edson
*Maria Bello as Dr. Anna Del Amico
*Sam Anderson as Dr. Jack Kayson
*Michael Buchman Silver as Dr. Paul Meyers
*Amy Aquino as Dr. Janet Coburn
*Iqbal Theba as Dr. Zagerby

*Deborah May as Mary Cain - Director of Nursing
*Ellen Crawford as Nurse Lydia Wright
*Deezer D as Nurse Malik McGrath
*Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams
*Conni Marie Brazelton as Nurse Conni Oligario
*Lily Mariye as Nurse Lily Jarvik
*Laura Cerón as Nurse Chuny Marquez
*Vanessa Marquez as Student nurse Wendy Goldman
*Charles Noland as Trainee nurse & Desk clerk E-Ray Bozman
*Lucy Rodriguez as Nurse Bjerke
*Jenny O'Hara as Rhonda Sterling
*Bellina Logan as Nurse Kit
*Dinah Lenney as Nurse Shirley

Other Staff:
*Abraham Benrubi as Desk clerk Jerry Markovic
*Kristin Minter as Desk clerk Miranda "Randi" Fronczak
*Omar Epps as Medical Student Dennis Gant
*Monté Russell as Paramedic Zadro White
*Emily Wagner as Paramedic Doris Pickman
*Lyn Alicia Henderson as Paramedic Pamela Obles
*Brian Lester as Paramedic Brian Dumar
*J.P. Hubbell as Paramedic Lars Audia
*Mike Genovese as Officer Al Grabarsky
*Erica Gimpel as social worker Adele Neuman

*Christine Harnos as Jennifer "Jenn" Greene
*Yvonne Zima as Rachel Greene
*Joe Torry as Chris Law
*Michael Beach as Al Boulet
*Khandi Alexander as Jackie Benton-Robbins
*Lisa Nicole Carson as Carla Reese
*Kirsten Dunst as Charlie Chiemingo


"Series #" refers to the episode's number in the overall series, whereas "Season #" refers to the episode's number in this particular season.



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