Tausug language

Tausug language

nativename=Bahasa Sūg
states=Mainly in the Philippines, also in Malaysia (Sabah) and Indonesia (Kalimantan)
region=Jolo, Sulu Archipelago. Palawan Island, Basilan Island, Zamboanga City and environs. Also spoken in Indonesia (Kalimantan), Malaysia (Sabah)
(900,000 in the Philippines)
fam4=Central Philippine
fam6=Southern Visayan
script=Latin (Filipino variant);
Jawi script"
nation=Regional language in the Philippines
agency=Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
(Commission on the Filipino Language)

Tausūg (Tausūg: "Bahasa Sūg", Malay: "Bahasa Suluk") is a Visayan language spoken in Sulu province in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia by the Tausūg people.



*p, t, k (unaspirated)
*‘ (Glottal stop written as ‘ (linguists) or h (speakers))
*b, d, g (spirantize between vowels)
*c (allophone of "ch", bichara ‘speak’ > bicara)
*j (natively, syllable initial only)
*r (allophone of d, l)

Features: Gemination of all non-glottal consonants


*u [o/u]
*Diphthongs: aw, uy, ay, iw [issiw, variant of hisiyu ‘who’]

Features: Vowel length (marked here with underscore, e.g. ba_y ‘house’)

Stress: Nonphonemic Stress on final syllable.






Enclitic Particles


Interrogative Words


Loan Words


Common Expressions

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* Filipino
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External links

* [http://members.aol.com/linggwistik In Bahasa Sug: An Introduction to Tausug] by Christopher Sundita
* [http://iloko.tripod.com/Tausug.htm Tausug Language] by Dr. Carl G. Rubino
* [http://www.bansa.org/?q=dictionaries/cmd&dict_lang=Tausug Bansa.org Tausug Dictionary]

* [http://www.languagelinks.org/lessons/tausug/tausug.html Tausug Lessons] by Languagelinks.og
* [http://www.languagelinks.org Tausug English Glossary] Search for common Tausug Words


*cite book | author=Sundita, Christopher Allen | title=In Bahasa Sug: An Introduction to Tausug | publisher=Lobel & Tria Partnership, Co. | year=2002 | id=ISBN 971-92226-6-2

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