Bob (Blackadder character)

Bob (Blackadder character)

Bob is a pseudonym used by two characters in the sitcom "Blackadder", both female and played by Gabrielle Glaister.

Blackadder II

Blackadder character

name = Bob
nationality = English
occupation = Blackadder's servant
first appearance = "Bells"
last appearance = "Bells"
episode count = 1
portrayer = Gabrielle Glaister
Bob (or rather, Kate) is one of the first characters to appear in "Blackadder II". She is a somewhat naive young woman who insists on believing her mother is dead, despite her father's insistence that she ran off with his brother.

Her ageing father informs her that due to his imminent dotage he must look to his daughter to sustain him, and suggests that the best way is for her to become a prostitute.

Unconvinced, she decides to disguise herself as a boy, and seek her fortune in London, which her father attempts to point out the futility of.

Upon arrival in London, she is hired by Lord Blackadder while his manservant, Baldrick, is casually kicked out onto the streets. However, when Blackadder points out that "Kate" is a girl's name, she quickly claims it is short for "Bob". Blackadder becomes increasingly concerned about the attraction he feels for the boy. Eventually, after being prescribed a course of leeches by a doctor and an attempt to throw Bob out, he learns the truth, and several minutes later they become engaged. This is reminiscent of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", in which the lead character, Viola, is forced to disguise herself as a man after a shipwreck. She, however, is hired by a Duke with whom she falls in love.

The wedding is due to be officiated by Lord Melchett, with Baldrick acting as bridesmaid (Kate didn't have any girl-chums, as her family was too poor to afford friends). Blackadder, mistaking him for a beggar, pays Kate's father £10 to go away, much to her dismay. Blackadder's promise to have Baldrick beat him up and retrieve the money does little to comfort her. Unfortunately Blackadder asks Lord Flashheart to be the best man. Shortly afterwards, Flash and Kate decide to run off together (although, as Kate has discovered she prefers wearing boys' clothes, and Flash feels more comfy in a dress, they swap outfits first), leaving Blackadder jilted at the altar.

Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder character

name = Bob Parkhurst
nationality = British
occupation = General Melchett's driver
first appearance = "Major Star"
last appearance = "Private Plane"
episode count = 2
portrayer = Gabrielle Glaister
The "Blackadder Goes Forth" episode "Major Star" introduces General Melchett's driver, Bob Parkhurst. Captain Blackadder recognises Bob's gender immediately:

She begs Blackadder not to give her away, explaining that all her brothers have signed up, and she wants to see how a war is fought "so badly".

While Blackadder isn't fooled, Lieutenant George is, failing to spot the truth even when she emerges from the shower wearing only a towel. So is Melchett, who, while attracted to the singer Gorgeous Georgina (utterly failing to recognise his family friend, the 6'3"-tall Lieutenant George), is outraged when she is replaced by what he perceives as a drag act involving Bob.

Driver Parkhurst also appears in the following episode, "Private Plane", once more involved with Lord Flashheart. Apparently she has become more open about her gender, and is now calling herself by the unisex "Bobbie" as well as wearing a woman's uniform. We are never told her real first name, though Bobbie was an acceptable shortened form of 'Roberta' for women in this period. []

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