Send Us a Signal

Send Us a Signal

Infobox Album |
Name = Send Us A Signal
Type = Album
Artist = Brandtson

Released = June 15, 2004
Recorded = January, 2004
Genre = Indie rock, Emo
Length = 43:06
Label = The Militia Group
Producer = Ed Rose
Reviews =

Last album = "Brandtson/Camber/Seven Storey" (2003)
This album = "Send Us A Signal" (2004)
Next album = "Hello, Control" (2006) |

"Send Us A Signal" is the fourth full length album released by Brandtson. They went back to longtime friend and producer Ed Rose and spent an entire month recording this album. The song "Blindspot" previously appeared on the album Letterbox and appears on this album as a reworked version.

Track listing

# "Who Are You Now?" – 2:15
# "Drawing A Line In The Sand" – 2:57
# "Throwing Rocks Tonight" – 3:40
# "Escapist" – 3:31
# "Just Breathe" – 4:13
# "C'mon Fascista" – 3:56
# "Mercy Medical" – 4:44
# "Blindspot" – 4:08
# "Mexico" – 3:40
# "Margot" – 3:10
# "Over And Out" – 3:59
# "The Bottle And The Sea" – 2:53

Music Videos

* A music video was made for the first single, "Mexico."

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