Minerva (disambiguation)

Minerva (disambiguation)


Minerva is the Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom, but the name may also refer to:


  • Josephine Blatt aka Minerva (c.1869 – 1923), strongwoman
  • Minerva Urecal (1894 – 1966), American film and television actress
  • Minerva Pérez Garrido, aka K.U. Minerva (born 1977), Spanish eurodance singer
  • Minerva (cantante española), K.U. Minerva at the Spanish Wikipedia
  • Minerva (Daum Agora user), a South Korean netizen famous for his economic predictions.


Land development


Film production

  • Minerva Productions, a Bollywood film production house of Bombay, India, c. 1940-50s


Manga and anime



Theatres and musicals


  • "Minerva", a section heading in the British Medical Journal
  • Minerva, a triannual magazine for members of the Royal Dublin Society
  • Minerva: A review of science, learning and policy, a journal published by Springer Verlag. ISSN 0026-4695
  • Minerva: The International Review of Ancient Art & Archaeology ISSN 0957-7718
  • Minerva Medica, an Italian publisher of medical journals and books
  • Minerva, a Norwegian periodical
  • Mars and Minerva, journal of the Special Air Service Regiment of the British Army, named from the Artists Rifles regimental badge
  • Minerva, journal of the Royal Institution of South Wales, Swansea

Science and technology

Astronomy and space

  • Uranus, before its name was settled upon in 1850, was proposed to be called Minerva
  • 93 Minerva, an asteroid discovered in 1867
  • Pluto, before its name was decided shortly after its discovery in 1930, was proposed to be called Minerva
  • MINERVA mini-lander, MIcro/Nano Experimental Robot Vehicle for Asteroid, which failed to deploy upon asteroid Itokawa in 2005


Computing and telecommunication

  • Minerva (QDOS reimplementation), a reimplementation of Sinclair QDOS
  • Minerva Networks, a company that develops video compression technology and broadcast systems
  • Project MINERVA, Mapping the INternet Electronic Resources Virtual Archive, the Library of Congress Web Archive and Preservation Project
  • Minerva, the e-learning platform of Ghent University that uses Dokeos as its course management system
  • Minerva, the electronic registration system of McGill University, Montreal
  • MINERVA, MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation, a European Union organization concerned with the digitisation of cultural and scientific content
  • MINERVA (cable system), a submarine telecommunications cable system linking Italy and Cyprus
  • Minerva, a scalable OWL ontology storage and inference engine


  • Minerva cast, a type of orthopedic cast enclosing the patient's trunk and head


  • MINERνA, Main INjector ExpeRiment Neutrino-A, a short-baseline neutrino experiment at Fermilab

Other science and technology

  • Minerva, a genus of prehistoric owls
  • Minerva Medal, an award in the field of design by the Chartered Society of Designers
  • Minerva, a luxury Swiss watch company purchased by Richemont in 2006
  • La Minerve, a giant ascension balloon envisioned by Étienne-Gaspard Robert in 1820



  • Minerva F.C., a 19th century West London soccer team
  • Minerva (Norwegian athletics club), a Norwegian athletics club


  • Editura Minerva, a Romanian publishing house
  • Minerva Central, the name of the first book store in Mozambique
  • The Minerva, oldest pub in Plymouth, England
  • Minerva roundabout, famous landmark in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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