Tommo & Hawk

Tommo & Hawk

Tommo & Hawk is the 1997 second novel in the Australian Trilogy by Bryce Courtenay. The novel follows on from "The Potato Factory" and follows Mary's sons.

Mary Abacus, the ex-prostitute and companion of Ikey Solomon, stole all of Ikey's stolen goods before his wife (Hannah Solomon) could. It later becomes apparent that Mary's two sons (Tommo and Hawk Solomon) were kidnapped because of the feud between Hannah and Mary, after Ikey's death.

After several years Hawk and then Tommo emerge from the bush, where they had been taken and separated. Hawk has lost his voice due to being dragged around by the throat in the bush, and Tommo has turned to severe alcoholism after being raped repeatedly and chastised by his captors. Hawk hopes to cure Tommo's problems and vows to never leave his side.

After a fight with Mary, Hawk and Tommo board a whaling ship where they learn to be obdurated and how to fight. A bellicose first mate and captain make sure that Hawk and Tommo receive the worst of times and this in turn gets them into trouble. Tommo and Hawk are then sent to prison after the captain's hand is chopped off with Tommo's axe.

The two boys escape with the help of the local Maori and are kept hidden in the wilderness. After years of living with the Maori, Tommo and Hawk leave and set sail for Sydney, Australia. While in Sydney, Hawk perchance meets the young, dainty Ms. Maggie Pie, an elegant whore. Hawk promptly falls in love with Maggie, and Tommo takes up gambling and opium smoking. Due to Tommo's miasma acquaintances and Hawk's reciprocal love for Maggie, the two brothers are swept up into a maelstrom of danger and past demons.


Tommo and Hawk (novel)

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