Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson
Mark Levinson
Type Public
Industry High-end audio
Founded 1972
Founder(s) Mark Levinson
Products Hi-fi audio equipment

The company Mark Levinson, now owned by Madrigal Audio Laboratories (part of the Harman International Industries group) specializes in high-end digital audio processors, integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, pre amplifiers, and CD players. Mark Levinson is a high end audio company serving audiophiles.



It was founded in 1972 as Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS), by Mark Levinson, and has since its birth focused on solid-state equipment. The company was originally based in New Haven, CT, where Mark Levinson had begun to develop high end audio systems; his father was a professor at Yale University. In the 1980s, the company was taken over by Madrigal and lost several of its employees and innovators (Mark Levinson, Tom Colangelo, etc.). Mark Levinson himself went on to found or co-found other companies (Cello and then Red Rose Music).[1]

Between 2000 and 2002, the company Mark Levinson founded was bought by Harman International Group. The core of the business still remains the same, up-market, high-end audio equipment. It is also considered to be one the most renowned amplifier makers in the world with the likes of Bryston and Audionet in the company's shade in terms of audio quality[citation needed]. The company's amplifiers and pre-amplifiers retail in luxury price ranges, e.g. ~US$10,000 for the N° 336 power amplifier; ~US$35,000 for a pair of N° 33 power amplifiers.[2]

Although Mark Levinson products were primarily targeting the stereo or home theater market, nowadays Mark Levinson branded products can also be found in high quality audio systems for Lexus automobiles.[3] These are developed and produced by Harman/Becker Automotive Systems, the car audio department of Harman International, and while typically not sharing any components with Mark Levinson home products, are designed in collaboration with Mark Levinson sound engineers.[4][5] Certain Lexus models have featured Mark Levinson sound systems as an option since 2001,[4][6] with prices varying based on the vehicle and its specific components (~US$2,500 for the LS 460, ~US$1,600 for the ES 350, ~US$1,440 for the IS 350, etc.). The first production car 5.1 surround system appeared on the Crown Majesta in 2004.[7]

Equipment history


  • N° Series
    • Mark Levinson No. 20
    • Mark Levinson No. 23
    • Mark Levinson No. 20.5
    • Mark Levinson No. 20.6
    • Mark Levinson No. 23
    • Mark Levinson No. 23.5
    • Mark Levinson No. 27
    • Mark Levinson No. 29
    • Mark Levinson No. 27.5
    • Mark Levinson No. 33
    • Mark Levinson No. 33H
    • Mark Levinson No. 53
    • Mark Levinson No. 331
    • Mark Levinson No. 332
    • Mark Levinson No. 333
    • Mark Levinson No. 334
    • Mark Levinson No. 335
    • Mark Levinson No. 336
    • Mark Levinson No. 431
    • Mark Levinson No. 432
    • Mark Levinson No. 433
    • Mark Levinson No. 434
    • Mark Levinson No. 436
    • Mark Levinson No. 532
Mark Levinson No. 26S preamplifier


  • N° Series
    • Mark Levinson No. 25
    • Mark Levinson No. 26
    • Mark Levinson No. 28
    • Mark Levinson No. 32
    • Mark Levinson No. 38
    • Mark Levinson No. 38S
    • Mark Levinson No. 380
    • Mark Levinson No. 380S
    • Mark Levinson No. 320S
    • Mark Levinson No. 326S
Mark Levinson Lexus Reference Surround system.
  • ML Series
    • Mark Levinson ML-1
    • Mark Levinson ML-6
    • Mark Levinson ML-6A
    • Mark Levinson ML-6B
    • Mark Levinson ML-7
    • Mark Levinson ML-7A
    • Mark Levinson ML-10
    • Mark Levinson ML-10A
    • Mark Levinson ML-12A

Digital audio processors

  • N° Series
    • Mark Levinson No. 30
    • Mark Levinson No. 30.6
    • Mark Levinson No. 35
    • Mark Levinson No. 36
    • Mark Levinson No. 36S
    • Mark Levinson No. 360
    • Mark Levinson No. 360S
    • Mark Levinson No. 502


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