Protectorate of the Western Regions

Protectorate of the Western Regions

The Protectorate of the Western Regions was a Chinese military government established by the Han Dynasty to manage and to control the Western Regions, roughly today's Xinjiang (excluding Dzungaria). [ "Xiyu Duhu"] ]

During the Sino-Xiongnu War, the Chinese established a military seat at Wulei, north east of present-day Bugur with an aim to protect the Indo-European statelets of the region and kept them away from the Xiongnu's aggression in the northeastern steppe. It is believed to be the first Chinese sign of direct rule of Central Asia.Yu 2003, 57-59] The seat was later shifted to Tagan, at around modern Kucha during the Eastern Han.Yu 1995, 56, 68-71]

First set up in 60 BC, it was the highest military position in the west during its existence. During its peak in 51 BC, the Wusun was brought under the submission. After at least 18 different protector generals, but only 10 of their name were known. The post was abandoned by the time of Wang Mang's Xin Dynasty, until Emperor Ming of Han and his successor awarded the position (now with administrative obligations as well) to general Chen Mu in 74, and subsequently to Ban Chao with his successful conquest of the region. On July 29 107, series of Qiang's uprisings in the areas of Hexi Corridor and Guanzhong forced to abandon the post, but assumed under the Chief Official of the Western Regions later.

List of protector generals

Western Han and Xin

* Zheng Ji 60-48 BCE
* Han Xuan (韩宣) 48-45 BCE
* Anonymous (3rd) 45-42 BCE
* Anonymous (4th) 42-39 BCE
* Anonymous (5th) 39-36 BCE
* Gan Yanshou (甘延寿) 36-33 BCE
* Duan Huizong (段会宗) 33-30, 21-18 BCE
* Lian Bao (廉褒) 30-27 BCE
* Anonymous (9th) 27-24 BCE
* Han Li (韩立) 24-21 BCE
* Anonymous (11th) 18-15 BCE
* Guo Shun (郭舜) 15-12 BCE
* Sun Jian (孙建) 12-9 BCE
* Anonymous (14th) 9-6 BCE
* Anonymous (15th) 6-3 BCE
* Anonymous (16th) 3 BCE-1
* Dan Qin (但欽) 1-13
* Li Chong 13-23

Eastern Han

* Chen Mu 74-75
* Ban Chao 91-102
* Ren Shang 102-106
* Duan Xi 106-107

ee also

*Chief Official of the Western Regions
*Protectorate General to Pacify the West



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* [ The Grand Game in Afghanistan]
* [ Maps of Xinjiang]

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