Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations

Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations
Logo of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations

The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations of England was founded in 1926 with the stated mission "to protect traditional Judaism".[1] It acts as an umbrella organisation for the chareidi Jewish community in London and comprises over a hundred synagogues and educational institutions. It is responsible for all areas of chareidi Jewish life in London. Its institutions include, but are not limited to, Stamford Hill, Golders Green, Hendon and Edgware.



  • The Kedassia kashruth organisation
  • UOHC is responsible for the management of the Beis Brucha Mother & Baby Home, which provides short-term care for mothers and new-born babies after childbirth.
  • North London Chevra Kadisha
  • North West London Chevra Kadisha
  • Courts for litigation in Stamford Hill (registrar: JR Conrad) and Golders Green (registrar: Rabbi Matisyohu Lawrence)
  • Beis Horo'o (advice centre for questions of Jewish Law)


The spiritual leadership of UOHC is in the hands of its Rabbinate, led by the Av Beis Din. Its first head was Rabbi Dr Avigdor Schonfeld. He was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld, who also founded the JSSM (Jewish Secondary School Movement).

From 1955 to 2000 the Av Beis Din was the posek Rabbi Chanoch Dov Padwa. He was succeeded in 2000 by the present incumbent, his son Rabbi Moshe Chaim Ephraim Padwa.

The Rosh Beis Din was Rabbi Josef Hirsch Dunner until his death in 2007. Rabbi Dunner named Rabbi Ahron Dovid Dunner as his desired successor to the post.[2] The Executive Committee of UOHC however, resolved to discontinue the title of Rosh Beis Din, leaving Rabbi Padwa as the sole rabbinical head of the UOHC.[3]

Lay Management

The lay management is its Executive Committee, elected triennially by the UOHC, whose members are appointed by the constituent synagogues.[4]

Synagogues affiliated to UOHC

  • Adath Yisroel Synagogue
  • Adath Yisroel Tottenham Beth Hamedrash
  • Kol Yaakov Beis HaMedrash Edgware
  • Machzikei Hadass Edgware
  • Beis Shmuel Synagogue
  • Divrei Chaim Beis Hamedrash
  • Ohel Moshe
  • Golders Green Beth Hamedrash (Munks)

Schools associated with UOHC

  • Avigdor Primary School (closed 2005) was associated with the UOHC via the JSSM

Neturei Karta funding controversy

In July 2006, the Jewish Chronicle wrote that the UOHC's accounts appeared to show it had given a London-based charity associated with Neturei Karta more than £58,000 in grants. This prompted some members of the Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue to review its affiliation with the UOHC.[5] The synagogue resolved to remain affiliated.


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* Hakohol 5767

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