Peacock (disambiguation)

Peacock (disambiguation)

Peacock may be one of the following:


*A male Peafowl, or sometimes any peafowl
*Peacock (butterfly), several unrelated butterflies with ocelli resembling those of a peacock
*Red sandalwood tree - sometimes called "peacock flower fence"


*Peacock Hills, Canada
*Peacock Peak, Arizona, USA
*Peacock Springs State Park, Florida
*Peacock Sound, Antarctica
*Peacock_Township, Michigan, USA
*Bornite, sometimes referred to as Peacock ore


*"Variants Pecock, Peacocke; see also Pocock"

* Alexander Peacock (1861 – 1933), Australian politician
* Andrew Peacock (1939 - ), Australian politician
* Annette Peacock (1941 - ), an American musician
* Barnes Peacock (1810 – 1890), an English judge.
* Bertram Peacock, US singer
* Charlie Peacock (1956 - ) an American contemporary Christian musician
* Daniel Peacock, a British actor, writer and director
* Darren Peacock, (1968 - ), a former English professional footballer
* Dave Peacock, bass player for the English musical duo, Chas & Dave
* David Peacock, an American singer, formerly of the heavy metal band Pantera
* Doug Peacock, an American naturalist, outdoorsman, and author
* Elizabeth Peacock (1937 - ), a British Conservative politician and former MP
* Gary Peacock (1935 - ), an American jazz double-bassist
* Gavin Peacock (1967 - ), a former English professional footballer
* George Peacock (1791-1858) English mathematician
* Hugh Peacock, a Canadian politician
* Ian Peacock, English broadcaster
* J. T. Peacock, US bowler, 1907 champion
* Jamie Peacock (1977 - ), an English professional rugby league player
* Jamie Peacock (voice actor), occasional stage name for Kayzie Rogers, an American voice actress
* Joe Peacock, American writer
* Joe Peacock (footballer), England and Middlesbrough footballer
* John Peacock (footballer)
* John Peacock (piper) (c1756-1817) player of Northumbrian smallpipes.
* Lee Peacock, (1976 - ), a Scottish professional footballer
* Millie Peacock (1870 - 1948), Australian politician and the first woman elected to the Parliament of Victoria
* Molly Peacock (1947 - ), an American poet
* Peter Peacock (1952 - ), a Scottish politician
* Richard Peacock (1820 - 1889), an English engineer, one of the founders of locomotive manufacturer Beyer-Peacock
* Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866), an English author
* Lieutenant Thomas Peacock, an American army officer during World War II, portrayed in the HBO series Band of Brothers
* Trevor Peacock (1931 - ), an English character actor
* Tyke Peacock (1961 - ), an American high jumper

Fictional Characters

* Ashley Peacock, a character in the British soap opera "Coronation Street"
* Belinda Peacock, a character in the British soap opera "EastEnders"
* Claire Peacock, a character in "Coronation Street"
* Joshua Peacock, a character in "Coronation Street"
* Maxine Peacock, a character in "Coronation Street"
* Mrs. Peacock, a character in the game Clue
* Captain Stephen Peacock, a character in the British sitcoms "Are You Being Served?" and "Grace & Favour"
* Peacock Family, characters in "Home" episode of the X-Files


* Peacock Throne of India and Persia.
* The logo of American television network NBC which is often called "The Peacock Network"
* Peacocks (retailer), a UK clothing retailer
* Peacock (Fabergé egg), a 1908 Fabergé egg
* Pavo (constellation), the peacock
**Peacock is also a name for the brightest star (Alpha Pavonis) in that constellation
* "Peacock" (2005 film) (Kong que), a Chinese film
* "Peacock" (2009 film), an American psychological thriller
* Beyer-Peacock, a British railway locomotive manufacturer
* Peacock Records, a record label
*, any of a number of U.S. Navy vessels
* Peacock River = Konqi (孔雀河; Kǒngquè Hé), river in Xinjiang, China
* Daimaru Peacock () is one of Japanese supermarket.

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