Type 071 amphibious transport dock

Type 071 amphibious transport dock

In September 2006 the Chinese Shanghai-based Hudong Shipyard confirmed that a new amphibious warfare ship, Type 071 (Yuzhao) was under construction. The new ship, which is estimated to about 17,600t in displacement, will carry hovercraft and helicopters to allow assaults from greater distance and against more difficult shore terrain. The ship will also be equipped with 76 mm gun and 4 x 30 mm CIWS for self-defense. Once commissioned the ship will significantly improve the PLA Navy’s sea-lift and power projection capabilities.

The lead ship, pennant 998 Kunlun Shan (Simplified Chinese: 昆仑山; Traditional Chinese: 崑崙山; pinyin: Kūnlún Shān) was laid down in Shanghai on June 2006 and launched on 21 Dec 2006 and conducted sea trials in September 2007 and joined the South Sea Fleet in December of 2007.


China's CTSC (China State Shipbuilding and Trading Corp) consortium has offered to build a modified version of the 071 LPD for the Malaysian Navy. The Malaysian Navy has a requirement for a 13,000 ton LPD. [http://www.forceindia.net/may/feature5.asp] The Chinese-built 071 LPD is said to cost only about one-third of a comparable US-built San Antonio-class LPD. [http://defensenews.com/story.php?F=2889273&C=top100] However, to date Malaysia has made no decision on the purchase.


* Displacement: 17,000 - 20,000 tons (estimated)
* Length: 210 m (estimated)
* Beam: 26.5 m (estimated)
* Draft: 7 m (estimated)
* Speed: 20 kt (estimated)
* Range: 6,000 nm at 18 kts (estimated)
* Propulsion: CODAD, 2-shaft, 4 x SEMT Pielstick 16 PC2.6 V400 Diesel engines (35,200 kW) [http://www.kanwa.com/dnws/showpl.php?id=255]
* Armaments:
** 1 x AK-176, 76 mm gun
** 4 x AK-630, 30 mm CIWS
** Possible installation of 2-4 heavy machine-guns (fitted for but not with)
** 4 x 18-tube Type 726-4 decoy/chaff launcher
* Sensors:
** Surface search radar: 1 x Type 360 Radar Seagull S, E/F-band
** Air search radar: 1 x Type 364 Radar, Seagull C, G-band, aft
** Fire control radar: 1 x Type 344 Radar, I band
** Navigational radar: 1
* Complement: 120
* Military lift:
** 2 air-cushion vehicles plus 400-800 troops and vehicles
** 2 x LCVP port/starboard davits
* Helicopters: 2 or more Z-8 Super Frelon

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External links

* [http://www.strategycenter.net/research/pubID.152/pub_detail.asp IDEX 2007 Showcases China’s Productive Weapons Sector]
* [http://www.sinodefence.com/navy/amphibious/lhd.asp Chinese Defense Today]
* [http://www.freewebs.com/riverman/flottaplan.htm PLA idag]

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