All Rights Reserved Literacy Journal Association

All Rights Reserved Literacy Journal Association

All Rights Reserved Literacy Journal Association is a Canadian non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a voice to the artistic community while actively participating in literacy initiatives. The journal publishes works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual arts. The journal and association were conceptualized by a public relations student at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) in October 2003. The journal became official after a naming contest in April 2004, followed by the first issue, Beginnings, in December of that same year. The majority of submissions for the first issue came from the MSVU community but subsequent issues have attracted more interest from audiences on a national and international basis. All Rights Reserved now boasts two sold-out issues and published submissions from CBC Literary Award winner Amy Jones and Matt Robinson, a poet highlighted in university English courses. Being the only publication of its kind in Nova Scotia, All Rights Reserved is carving its place into the Halifax art scene, providing an outlet for up and coming writers and a source for high-quality pieces of literature at low cost.

The literary journal is currently published twice a year and has begun work into literacy initiatives. In the summer of 2007 a successful pilot project was launched at St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia to provide creative workshops with English as second language students. The project will continue in 2008 with additional workshops through Yukon College with First Nations students.


* Beginnings (2004)
* Guilty Pleasures (Spring 2006)
* Lost & Found (Fall 2006)
* Passports (Spring 2007)

* Testify (Fall 2007)
* Heroes & Villains (coming Spring 2008)
* Undone (coming Fall 2007)

Notable contributors

* Ace Boggess
* Tyne Brown
* Tanya Davis
* Triny Finlay
* Shauntay Grant
* Randall Horton
* Amy Jones
* Steven Mayoff
* Rob McLennan
* Anna Mioduchowska
* A.S. Penne
* Anna Quon
* Matt Robinson
* J.J. Steinfeld
* Carolyn A. Theriault
* Thomas Trofimuk
* Paul Zann


All Rights Reserved publishes works from emerging and established writers and artists. The journal requests submissions twice a year for its winter and summer publications. The editorial board accepts poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, as well as literary stories told through visual art/photography. Material sent for consideration must be unpublished work. Full submission requirements and instructions can be found on the official website.

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