List of amphibious warfare ships

List of amphibious warfare ships

This is a list of amphibious warfare ships updated as of January 2005.


;Royal Australian NavyPlanned:
*"Canberra" class - LHD
**HMAS "Canberra"
**HMAS "Adelaide"Active:
*"Kanimbla" class - LPA
**HMAS "Kanimbla"
**HMAS "Manoora"


;People's Liberation Army Navy

Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD)
* Type 071 Yuzhao class Landing Ship Tank (LST)
* Type 072 Yukan class
* Type 072II Yuting I class
* Type 072III Yuting II class


;French NavyActive:
*"Jeanne D'Arc" - helicopter cruiser
*"Foudre" class - LPD
*"Mistral" class - LHD
**"Mistral" (commissioned 2006)
**"Tonnerre" (launched 2005)
*"Bougainville" - small LPD


;Hellenic Navy
* Jason Class (LST) Landing ships
** "HS Chios" (L173)
** "HS Samos" (L174)
** "HS Ikaria" (L175)
** "HS Lesvos" (L176)
** "HS Rodos" (L177)

* Zubr/Pomornik (LCAC) hovercrafts
** "HS Kephallenia" (L180)
** "HS Ithaki" (L181)
** "HS Kerkyra" (L182)
** "HS Zakynthos" (L183)


;Indian NavyActive:
*Austin class LPD
**INS Jalashwa (formerly USS Trenton)

*Shardul class- Large Landing Ship Tank (1 in service)+(2 launched)
**INS Shardul (L16) (4 January 2007)

*Magar class (2 in service)
**INS Magar L20 (15 July 1987)
**INS Gharial L23 (14 February 1997)


;Italian NavyActive:

*"San Giorgio" class - LPD
**"San Giorgio"
**"San Marco"
**"San Giusto"


*3 "LHD20000"-class - LHD []

*"Vittorio Veneto" - helicopter missile cruiser


;Japan Maritime Self-Defense ForceActive:
*"Osumi"-class - LPD
**JDS "Osumi"
**JDS "Shimokita"
**JDS "Kunisaki"
*"Miura"-class - LST (one of the remaining Miuras may have been decommissioned)
**JDS "Ojika"
**JDS "Satsuma"
*"Atsumi"-class - LST
**JDS "Nemuro" Planned:
*"Osumi"-class - LST
** LST 4003?
** LST 4004?Decommissioned:
*"Miura"-class - LST
**JDS "Miura"
*"Atsumi"-class - LST
**"JDS Atsumi"
**JDS "Motubu"


;Koninklijke MarineActive:
* "Rotterdam Class LPD"
** HNLMS "Rotterdam"
**HNLMS Johan de Witt


;Republic of Singapore NavyActive:
* "Endurance" class - LST
** RSS "Endurance" (207)
** RSS "Resolution" (208)
** RSS "Persistence" (209)
** RSS "Endeavour" (210)Decommissioned:
*"County" class - LST
** RSS "Endurance" (L201)
** RSS "Excellence" (L202)
** RSS "Intrepid" (L203)
** RSS "Resolution" (L204)
** RSS "Persistence" (L205)
*"Sir Lancelot" class - LST
** RSS Perseverance (L206)

outh Korea

;Republic of Korea NavyActive:
*"Kojoonbong"-class - LST
*"Dok Do"-class - LPH
**"Dok Do"Decommissioned:
*"Un Bong"-class - LST
**"Bi Bong"
**"Tuk Bong"
**"Buk Han"
**"Kae Bong"
**"Hwa San"
**"Su Yong"
**"Un Bong"
**"Wee Bong"


;Armada Española


*"Galicia"-class - LPD
**Galicia (L-51)
**Castilla (L-52)
*"Hernan Cortes"-class - LST
**Hernán Cortés (L-41) (Ex-LST 1196 USS Harlan County)
**Pizarro (L-42) (Ex-LST 1197 USS Barnstable County)

Under Construction: (Launched: 03.10.08)

*"Juan Carlos I"-class - LHD (BPE)
** Juan Carlos I (L-61)

Russia/Soviet Union

;Russian Navy/Soviet NavyActive:
*"Ivan Rogov"-class - LST
**"Ivan Rogov"
**"Alexsandr Nikolaev"

United Kingdom

;Royal NavyActive:
*HMS "Ocean" - LPH
*"Albion"-class - LPD
**HMS "Albion"
**HMS "Bulwark"
*RFA "Argus" - aviation support/training ship
*"Bay"-class - LSD
**RFA "Largs Bay"
**RFA "Lyme Bay"
**RFA "Mounts Bay"
**RFA "Cardigan Bay"Decommissioned:
*"Centaur"-class - LPH
**HMS "Albion"
**HMS "Bulwark"
**HMS "Hermes"
*"Fearless"-class - LPD
**HMS "Fearless"
**HMS "Intrepid" (retains reserve status)
*"Round Table"-class - LSL
**RFA "Sir Geraint"
**RFA "Sir Lancelot"
**RFA "Sir Percivale"

United States

;United States NavyActive:
*"Wasp"-class - LHD
**USS "Bataan"
**USS "Bonhomme Richard"
**USS "Boxer"
**USS "Essex"
**USS "Kearsarge"
**USS "Iwo Jima"
**USS "Makin Island"
**USS "Wasp"
*"Tarawa"-class - LHA
**USS "Nassau"
**USS "Peleliu"
**USS "Tarawa"
*"San Antonio"-class - LPD
**USS "Mesa Verde"
**USS "New Orleans"
**USS "San Antonio"
*"Austin"-class - LPD
**USS "Austin"
**USS "Cleveland"
**USS "Denver"
**USS "Dubuque"
**USS "Duluth"
**USS "Juneau"
**USS "Nashville"
**USS "Ogden"
**USS "Ponce"
**USS "Shreveport"
**USS "Trenton"
*"Harpers Ferry"-class - LSD
**USS "Carter Hall"
**USS "Harpers Ferry"
**USS "Oak Hill"
**USS "Pearl Harbor"
*"Whidbey Island"-class - LSD
**USS "Ashland"
**USS "Comstock"
**USS "Fort McHenry"
**USS "Germantown"
**USS "Gunston Hall"
**USS "Rushmore"
**USS "Tortuga"
**USS "Whidbey Island"Decommissioned:
*"Tarawa"-class - LHA
**USS "Saipan" (LHA-2)
**USS "Belleau Wood" (LHA-3)
*"Iwo Jima"-class - LPH
**USS "Guadalcanal"
**USS "Guam"
**USS "Inchon"
**USS "Iwo Jima"
**USS "New Orleans"
**USS "Okinawa"
**USS "Tripoli"
*"Boxer"-class - LPH
**USS "Boxer"
**USS "Princeton"
**USS "Valley Forge"
*Raleigh-class - LPD
**USS "Raleigh"
**USS "Vancouver"
*"Newport"-class - LST
** USS "Newport"
** USS "Manitowoc"
** USS "Sumter"
** USS "Fresno"
** USS "Peoria"
** USS "Frederick"
** USS "Schnectady"
** USS "Cayuga"
** USS "Tuscaloosa"
** USS "Saginaw"
** USS "San Bernadino"
** USS "Boulder County"
** USS "Racine"
** USS "Spartanburg County"
** USS "Fairfax County"
** USS "La Moure County"
** USS "Barbour County"
** USS "Harlan County"
** USS "Barnstable County"
** USS "Bristol County"
*"Anchorage"-class - LSD
**USS "Anchorage"
**USS "Mount Vernon"
**USS "Portland"


* LHA = Landing Helicopter Assault
* LHD = Landing Helicopter Dock
* LPD = Landing Platform Dock
* LPH = Landing Platform Helicopter
* LSD = Landing Ship Dock
* LSL = Landing Ship Logistics
* LST = Landing Ship Tank

ee also

* Amphibious assault ship
* Amphibious warfare ship

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