Deák Ferenc tér (Budapest Metro)

Deák Ferenc tér (Budapest Metro)
Deák Ferenc tér
Budapest Metro station
Station statistics
Address Deák Ferenc Square, Budapest
Coordinates 47°29′51″N 19°03′18″E / 47.4975°N 19.055°E / 47.4975; 19.055Coordinates: 47°29′51″N 19°03′18″E / 47.4975°N 19.055°E / 47.4975; 19.055
Structure Undergound
Other information
Opened 1896 (Line 1)
1970 (Line 2)
1976 (Line 3)
Preceding station   Budapest Metro   Following station
Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

Deák Ferenc tér is the only transfer station for the M1, M2, and M3 lines of the Budapest Metro. It is located under the eponymous city square in central Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

Owing to its direct transfer connection between all three metro lines and its downtown location, it is one of the busiest stations in the system.



The original station, on the M1 line, was constructed with two side platforms, at a depth of 27 metres by cut-and-cover.

The station for the M2 line, which opened in 1970, was bored at a depth of 38 metres and consists of an island platform serving its two tracks.

The M3 station was the northern terminus for the first segment of the line completed in 1976 to Nagyvárad tér and has switches and a pullback track in a middle tunnel at its northern end. This track descends underground and curves more than 180° west to join the pullback track on the M2 line. This non-revenue connection tunnel was the means of suppling rolling stock to line M3 from 1976 until it was completed to Kőbánya-Kispest and the adjacent new depot in 1980.


  • Bus: 9, 16, 105, 109
  • Tram: 47, 49

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