Raychem EZF

Raychem EZF

Raychem EZF was a coaxial cable “F” connector produced from the late 1980’s to around 2000.

The Raychem EZF connectors were popular, or “EZ,” because one connector was needed for single through quad shielded cable; this was not common in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s.

EZF connector ends came in red cartridges for RG-59, blue for RG-6, and black or gray for RG-11. The installer would prepare the coaxial cable using the EZF stripper tool, or a standard utility blade. Preparation required only ⅛” versus standard ¼” preparation. After the coax had been stripped, the installer would push the connector onto the cable while the connector was still in the cartridge, which was easier than installing the connector with the fingers. Although the stripper tool also included a port for compression, no tool was needed to compress the EZF connector onto the coax. An installer could compress the EZF connector with a port and a wrench.

EZF connectors were first produced in Denmark and, later, in the United States and Mexico.

The Raychem CATV division was discontinued a few years after Tyco purchased Raychem, ending the EZF line of products.

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