Mythical kings of Sweden

Mythical kings of Sweden

In sources such as Heimskringla and Ynglinga saga there appear early Swedish kings who belong in the domain of mythology. From about the 6th century, these kings are gradually succeeded by Swedish semi-legendary kings with at least partial claim to historicity.

While there is no historiographical tradition that would confirm the historicity of Swedish kings prior to the 6th century, it is safe to assume that the Suiones, as a tribe mentioned by Tacitus in the 1st century AD, did have kings (Common Germanic *kuningaz) during the prehistoric period.

A historical basis of some of the mythological kings was one of the last of Thor Heyerdahl's archeo-anthropological theories, as in The search for Odin. Such suggestions are generally considered speculative, not scientific.


The line of Swedish kings is continued in Semi-legendary kings of Sweden.

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