The Echorium

The Echorium

The Echorium is a fictional location and organization in the trilogy The Echorium Sequence by Katherine Roberts. It is the home of the Singers, a group of people renowned for their vocal skills. They use the Songs of Power to control others emotions and memories.

Songs of Power

The Songs of Powers are the wordless songs, the Singers use to control feelings, emotions, state of condition and memories.

* Challa - Dream Song. Most common form of healing. Puts people to sleep and helps people forget their troubles.

* Kashe - Laughter Song. Wakes people up, and cures depression in them.

* Shi - Pain Song. Forces people to confront their pain and heals through tears.

* Aushan - Fear Song. Gives life to inner fears and makes people scream.

* Yehn - Death Song. Closes doors in the head. In extreme cases, leads to a form of living death.

Echorium Anthem

The academy's anthem:

: For healing sleep of lavender dreams,

: For laughter golden and gay,

: For tears shed in turquoise streams,

: For fear, blood and scarlet screams,

: For death of deepest midnight shade,

: For these the Songs,

: Five in one.

: Challa, Kashe, Shi, Aushan, Yehn.


The Echorium is located on the Isle of Echoes, 30 days north west of Southport and 10 days west from Silvertown with good wind. The Echorium is at the top of the island and in the middle. Five thousand steps lead to the top, to the entrance. To the east of the island there's the Eastpoint and to west lies Habourtown, where shipments arrive. To the south west is the Crazy Singer's Cave and to the north east lies the Windy Corner. The island is surrounded by a reef to the south up to the west and east tips of the island to eastpoint.

The Echorium houses the academy for novice singers and the birthing house for pregnant women. All singers live on the island, never knowing their true parents. The Pentangle also lies within the complex, where deep songs are performed by the senior singers.


* Frazhin
* Yashra - She surrenders in Book 2 - Crystal Mask
* The Harai - Until Book 3 - Dark Quetzal

Frazhin is their true enemy. He was rejected from entering the academy which he so wanted, and was left to die along the Purple Plains. Yashra helped him regain strength and power but their kingdom was destroyed in Book 2 - Crystal Mask. Frazhin attempts to rebuild his kingdom alone, using khiz-crystals to brainwash the half-creatures around the world, and gather followers.

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