Stewart Edward White

Stewart Edward White

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period = 1901 to 1940
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Stewart Edward White (12 March 1873September 18 1946) was an American author.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan he earned degrees from University of Michigan (Ph.D., 1895; M.A., 1903).

From about 1900 until about 1922, he wrote adventure travel books. Starting in 1922, He and his wife Elizabeth "Betty" Grant White wrote numerous books they claimed were received through channelling with spirits. They also wrote of their travels around the state of California. White died in Hillsborough, California.


In 1927, the Boy Scouts of America made White an "Honorary Scout", a new category of Scout created that same year. This distinction was give to "American citizens whose achievements in outdoor activity, exploration and worthwhile adventure are of such an exceptional character as to capture the imagination of boys...". The other eighteen who were awarded this distinction were: Roy Chapman Andrews; Robert Bartlett; Frederick Russell Burnham; Richard E. Byrd; George Kruck Cherrie; James L. Clark; Merian C. Cooper; Lincoln Ellsworth; Louis Agassiz Fuertes; George Bird Grinnell; Charles A. Lindbergh; Donald Baxter MacMillan; Clifford H. Pope; George P. Putnam; Kermit Roosevelt; Carl Rungius; Orville Wright. cite journal |last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |year=1927 |month=August 29 |title=Around the World |journal=Time (magazine) |volume= |issue= |pages= |id= |url=,9171,723029,00.html |accessdate= 2007-10-24 |quote= ]


* "The Westerners" (1901)
* "The Claim Jumpers" (1901)
* "Conjurer's House" (1903)
* "The Forest" (1903)
* "Blazed Trail Stories" (1904)
* "The Mountains" (1904)
* "The Silent Places" (1904)
* "The Pass" (1906), with S. H. Adams
* "The Mystery" (1907), with S. H. Adams
* "Arizona Nights" (1907)
* "The Riverman" (1908)
* "The Cabin" (1910)
* "The Rules of the Game" (1910)
* "The Land of Footprints" (1912)
* "African Camp Fires" (1913)
* "Gold" (1913)
* "Gray Dawn" (1915)
* "Rediscovered Country" (1915)
* "The forty-niners; a chronicle of the California trail and El Dorado" (1918)
* "Daniel Boone, wilderness scout" (1922)
* "Lions in the path; a book of adventure on the high veldt" (1926)
* "Dog days, other times, other dogs; the autobiography of a man and his dog friends through four decades of changing America" (1930)
* "The Betty Book (1939)
* "Across the Unknown [with Harwood White] (1939)
* "The Unobstructed Universe (1940)
* "The Road I Know (1942)
* "Anchors to Windward
* "The Stars are Still There
* "With Folded Wings (1947)


Also Wrote:

The Long Rifle (1930)Ranchero (1933)Folded Hills (1932)Stampede (1942)

These 4 books comprise "The Saga of Andy Burnett" Which follows a young Pennsylvania farm boy who escapes his overbearing step father by running away to the West. He leaves with his grandmother's blessing and "The Boone Gun", the original Kentucky rifle carried by Daniel Boone.He soon encounters a mountain man, Joe Crane, who undertakes the mentoring of Andy in the ways of survival in the wild. The remainder of the saga follows Andy as he moves west ultimately settling in California which is the setting of the last three books. This series would be considered historical fiction since it incorporates actual events and characters from the time period in the narrative.


* J. C. Underwood, "Literature and Insurgency" (New York, 1914)
*Staff report (September 19, 1946). STEWART E. WHITE, NOVELIST, IS DEAD; Author of Stories of Adventure and Frontier Life Was 73-- Stricken After Fabled Career CHOKED LEOPARD TO DEATH Writer of 'Blazed Trail' Knew Yukon, Africa and West-- Honored as Geographer
*"Stewart White, Adventurer and novelist, dies; books captured thrills of own exciting life." Chicago Tribune, September 19, 1946

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