Lucie Miller

Lucie Miller

name=Lucie Miller
series=Doctor Who
affiliation=Eighth Doctor
era= 2006
start= Blood of the Daleks
finish= Unknown
portrayed=Sheridan Smith (voice)

Lucie Miller is a character in a series of audio plays produced by Big Finish Productions for BBC7 based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who". She is a companion of the Eighth Doctor, and is voiced by Sheridan Smith.

Character History

Lucie's first appearance is "Blood of the Daleks." Described as a "strong willed northern lass," Lucie is initially an unwilling passenger in the TARDIS, having been placed with the Doctor as part of a "Time Lord witness protection programme." [cite web |url= |title=New Eighth Doctor Adventures |accessdate=2007-01-01 |date=2006-10-16 |work=Big Finish Productions website ]

In "Blood of the Daleks", Lucie tells the Doctor that the Time Lords have placed her in his care because she has seen something important; she doesn't know what. Her initial attitude towards the Doctor is disdainful, but she recognizes that he's "about saving worlds".

In "Horror of Glam Rock", Lucie unexpectedly encounters her 'Auntie Pat', Patricia Ryder, the drummer from a band called Methylated Spirits, in 1974. As this is over a decade before Lucie is born, Pat is sceptical, but grows to like her as the story develops. We also learn that Lucie's mother is named Mary.

After several more adventures with the Doctor the events of "Human Resources" reveal much of the mystery surrounding Lucie - the Time Lords learnt that the Celestial Intervention Agency have been tracking a woman who would be a future dictator within Europe, and alter her past to prevent this. When Lucie applies for a job which is part of another CIA plot, the primary faction of Time Lords place her with the Doctor to protect her from the effects of multiple exposure to CIA equipment. However in reality a woman named Karen, who had been interviewed on the same day as Lucie for the job, is the actual future dictator, and the Time Lords have either been tricked by the CIA or simply made a mistake. At the end of the story Lucie and the Doctor continue to travel together in the TARDIS.

In 2007, she made her first print appearance in "" - a PDF preview of which can be found [ "here"] .

List of appearances

BBC 7 Eighth Doctor audio adventures

*"Blood of the Daleks"
*"Horror of Glam Rock"
*"Immortal Beloved"
*"No More Lies"
*"Human Resources"
*"Dead London"
*"Max Warp"
*"Brave New Town"
*"The Skull of Sobek"
*"Grand Theft Cosmos"
*"The Zygon Who Fell to Earth"
*"Sisters of the Flame" / "Vengeance of Morbius"

hort Stories

*"Remain in Light" by Eddie Robson ("")
*"Decorative Purposes" by Eddie Robson ("")
*"The Great Escapes" by Simon Guerrier ("")


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